Russians equip all preparation centers for “referendums” in crowded places – intelligence

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In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the Russians are equipping their preparation centers for pseudo-referendums in places where a large number of civilians are concentrated, and everyone who has received “humanitarian aid” is driven to vote.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Chief Directorate of Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to intelligence, intruders they are preparing organizational measures and trying to create at least a semblance of legitimacy for the referendums announced in the temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, it is planned to hold a referendum in Mariupol by the so-called committees, which will include local employees, representatives of the aggressive governments and the military forces of the Russian Federation. Members of the “committees” will tour the houses according to the curated lists of those who want to receive “humanitarian aid”. Local residents are convinced that “there is no turning back” and that everyone who has accepted the “humanitarian aid” will have to vote.

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It has been established that in Mariupol the “headquarters for the preparation of the referendum” was deployed by the invaders in one of the local shopping centers. The actions of the headquarters are fully coordinated by representatives of the United Russia party.

In order to avoid the destruction of the artillery of the armed forces of Ukraine, according to intelligence information, all centers for the preparation of a pseudo-referendum in the occupied territories are located in buildings with a “large concentration of the civilian population”.

For the ideological and propaganda indoctrination of the population, the invaders organize a number of events of ‘military-patriotic education’. The main target group is local youth, most of whom, according to information, show no interest in Russian ideology.

So, in the city of Golaya Pristan, Skadovsky district, in the Kherson region, a “youth forum” was held under the slogan “we are together with Russia”. To participate, the invaders attracted middle and high school students.

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The all-Russian public organization of veterans “combat brotherhood” plans to open its branch in Mariupol. Another public organization “veterans of the air assault units of the Republic of Bashkortostan” turned to the local galley officer Konstantin Ivashchenko with a request to allocate rooms to the military-patriotic club “young paratrooper-warrior” and a training base for children.

As reported, the militants of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR” recently called on their leaders to hold pseudo-referendums on “accession to the Russian Federation”. Subsequently, the so-called public council, established with the participation of Russia in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region to prepare a pseudo-referendum on accession to Russia, also made a corresponding appeal to the predatory authorities.

Pseudo-referenda is scheduled for September 23-27. Western leaders have already said any Russian fake referendums in Ukraine will be illegal. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on September 21 that Russia would recognize the results of the “referenda”.

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According to the results of a sociological study conducted in August by Active Group in the territories temporarily occupied by Russians, the majority of respondents are convinced that their region should be an inseparable part of Ukraine, and that their well-being and security are significantly improved. have deteriorated since the appeal.

In particular, almost 73% of respondents consider Russia’s territorial claims to their region to be absolutely unfounded. Also, 82% of those polled in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine said they would not attend a “referendum” if Russia kept it in their city.

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