Russians living in Latvia are asked to report when they receive a call-up to the army

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Peter Kavinsky

Taking into account the announced mobilization of the armed forces in the Russian Federation, the Latvian State Security Service (VDD) calls on Russian nationals who are in Latvia to report immediately to the VDD when they receive a call for conscription in the Russian army.

This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to website Latvian intelligence.

VDD recalls that, according to the standards of criminal law, citizens of Latvia, including persons with dual nationality, as well as non-citizens, foreigners with permanent residence in Latvia, for service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation , can participate in the war against Ukraine and its inhabitants will be held criminally liable.

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In the case of dual citizenship, under the Citizenship Act, persons involved in such crimes may be deprived of citizenship Latvia.

You can pass on the received agenda by e-mail or by 24/7 telephone +371 67 208 964. VDD guarantees to keep the anonymity of the reporter.

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Recall: VDD is Latvia’s counterintelligence and internal security service, whose activities are aimed at identifying and preventing potential threats to the country’s national security.

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