“Salaries do not give more”

Madrid (EFE) – Second Vice President and Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz this Thursday pointed out that “wage income is not enough” and called for “action” on housing and food prices.

In his speech at the 2023 Trends Forum hosted by El País, Díaz emphasized that both food with a 15% increase in prices and housing with an increase in interest rates are sectors that need to be acted on because they “make people’s lives better.” “. difficult.”

“Wage income is not enough (…) there is an imbalance and strong action needs to be taken regarding housing (…) and food, the same,” noted Diaz.

The Vice President, who is critical of the European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) rate hike policy, pointed out that the transfer of income from citizens to financial institutions due to the Euribor rate hike is 8 billion euros.

“Good Politics Can’t Hurt”

“Good politics cannot hurt (…) it must solve people’s problems,” Diaz added, stressing that the government intends to “accompany” the difficult economic situation, marked by uncertainty, with the necessary measures.

Yolanda Diaz salaryYolanda Diaz salary
Second Vice President and Secretary of Labor Yolanda Diaz. EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

When asked about the evolution of employment, Diaz indicated that it was performing moderately well, but highlighted unresolved issues such as youth unemployment.

Diaz, who “thanked” some of the young people he considers “extraordinary”, criticized that there was only “no government” in Spanish history that gave them “neither alternatives nor solutions”.

The vice president showed confidence in achieving “good news” in social dialogue in the rest of the legislature and pointed out that there are three tables with important issues such as the fellow’s bylaws, tuition law and accident rates, and recreational labor.

“The policy is to go to meetings (…) I don’t share the noise, no matter where it comes from, it’s just noise,” he said.

By Peter Kavinsky

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