Salmon campaign starts in Cantabria

Puente Viesgo, November 22 (EFE). The annual salmon control campaign started in Cantabria with a delay of about 20 days due to lack of rain.

The goal is to estimate the number of breeding salmon that have entered the Cantabrian basins and, on the other hand, to transfer the broodstock to the Arredondo Ichthyological Center for their spawning and fry, which can be repopulated in the Cantabrian river basins next spring.

This campaign, carried out on several rivers in Cantabria, is usually carried out in the first half of November, but in this case, the drought that has affected the regional flows for a long time has forced it to be postponed until now.

The lack of rainfall affects the low level of the rivers, which pushes the salmon to stay in their original space, with an increase in the current, the instinct to go upstream awakens in individuals, which has caused greater mobility in recent days.

EFE/Celia Aguero

Minister of Fisheries and Food Guillermo Blanco visited the catching station of the Directorate General of Biodiversity in Puente Viesgo and took part in the release of three salmon females.

half a million fry

“Today we met three females, three magnificent specimens, and one of the questions I asked was how many of the five salmon caught yesterday came out and were born here at the Ichthyological Center, and the answer was two, two of them had a notch in the caudal fin , so they were born here, ”explained the counselor.

And he pointed out that in addition to counting, the caviar center is also provided for the release of those half a million fry per year, thanks to which the salmon continues to grow from year to year.

The Puente Viesgo Capture Station allows the Directorate General of Biodiversity to begin selecting individuals for control, measurements and sexing, while the rest are released for onward travel upriver.

EFE/Celia Aguero

By Peter Kavinsky

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