Sandu on blackout: as hard as it is, Moldova’s only way

Moldovan President Maia Sandu commented on Wednesday, November 23, about blackouts in the country following Russian shelling of Ukrainian cities.

According to Ukrinform, she subscribed to this Facebook.

“Russia has shrouded Moldova in darkness. The Russian war in Ukraine kills people, destroys homes and energy infrastructure. The shelling in Ukraine continues. People pull their wounded from under the rubble. And they mourn their departed loved ones. Human lives cannot be reversed. But the power supply can be restored. We solve the technical problems and we have light again. All public institutions are working on this,” Sandu wrote.

In her view, Moldova’s only future path should be to the free world.

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“We cannot have faith in a regime that leaves us without light and warmth, that deliberately kills people to keep other peoples in poverty and humiliation. Hard as it is now, our only way, Moldova’s future way, should be to the free world,” the head of state said.

As Ukrinform reported, power outages occurred in several regions of Moldova amid massive Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy system.


By Peter Kavinsky

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