Scholz at UN accused Putin of “blatant imperialism” – DW – 9/21/2022

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of imperialist aspirations as he spoke in New York to… UN General Assembly Tuesday 20 Sept.

According to Scholz, “occupational” Russia’s War on Ukraine nothing is justified. President Putin is leading it with a single goal: to take over Ukraine and ignore “values ​​like” self-determination and political independence. “There’s only one word for this: undisguised imperialism,” the chancellor emphasized.

Scholz pointed out that UN member states cannot afford to “sit on their hands while a heavily armed nuclear power – one of the founding fathers of the United Nations – wants to push the boundaries of violence”. He called on the international community to stand up for the purposes and basic provisions of the UN Charter.

“Don’t let Russia win”

Speaking to the participants of the UN General Assembly, Olaf Scholz called on them to prevent Russia from winning the war against Ukraine. The international community cannot accept that peace agreement under the conditions imposed by Russia, the chancellor of Germany is certain. “It is for this reason that Ukraine must be able to repel the Russian attack. We support Ukraine in this with all our strength: financially, economically, humanitarianly and also with weapons”, the head of the German cabinet assured.

Multilateralism and UN Reform

In addition, Olaf Scholz called for reforms in his speech United Nations Security Councilone of the five permanent members of which, along with Britain, China, the US and France, is the Russian Federation, which also has veto power.

According to the chancellor, the rules and institutions must be brought into line “with the reality of the 21st century”, and after UN reforms other countries, ‘mainly states of the global South’, should be able to participate in the Security Council. “Germany is also ready to take on a bigger share of the responsibility” – first as a non-permanent member and later as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the chancellor summed up.

In addition, Scholz spoke in support of multilateralism – a multipolar system of business and trade relations in the world, which is threatened by numerous new crises. According to the German leader, “nationalism and isolationism are incapable of responding to the challenges of our time”.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and UN Secretary-General António GuterresPhoto: Bebeto Matthews/Pool/AP/dpa/picture alliance

“More collaboration, more partnership, more participation – this is the only sensible answer, whether it’s fighting climate change or global health risks, fighting inflation and disruption of supply chains, or how we deal with the problem of refugees and migration,” he said. Olaf Scholz in New York.

Scholz at the Food Security Summit

Earlier in the day, speaking on the Global Food Safety On the sidelines of the General Assembly, Olaf Scholz noted that “Russia’s aggressive war has created and exacerbated a multi-faceted global crisis” that threatens hunger and malnutrition, which mainly affects the countries of the global south.

“Next year could be even worse given rising energy and fertilizer prices,” the chancellor warned, calling for action “to save lives”.

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