Sean O’Malley reveals conversation with ‘gangster’ Dana White regarding power slap and his next fight – ‘He gets the same hate from people when he started promoting the UFC’

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Sean O’Malley has become one of the biggest stars in the UFC. The No. 1-ranked bantamweight recently opened up about a conversation he had with UFC President Dana White regarding his upcoming Power Slap promotion.

Speaking on his podcast, TimboSugarShowO’Malley said:

“Dana is a different person, like he’s just a different human race. There’s no camera. He’s literally a modern-day mobster, but he does legal shit. I’m like that, c is the dumbest shit ever.”

O’Malley continues:

“No cameras in there, he wasn’t trying to sell it to me…saying he felt the same emotions he felt when he started building the UFC. He gets the same hate from people when “He started promoting the UFC. People like that are barbaric, damn it. Why would people do that? He’s just a gangster to be around.”

Power Slap will air on TBS from January 2023. A coin toss will determine which contestant will slap first, while contestants will have 30 seconds to slap and 30 seconds to recover. Weight classes and rounds will be in line with mixed martial arts, while there will also be a 10-point scoring system.

Watch Sean O’Malley discuss Dana White and his upcoming Power Slap promotion below (from 1:02:40):

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Sean O’Malley thinks UFC could target Henry Cejudo against Aljamain Sterling

Sean O’Malley appeared to be next in line for a shot at the bantamweight title following his UFC 280 victory over Petr Yan. Instead, the No. 1-ranked bantamweight thinks the UFC might consider booking Henry Cejudo as Aljamain Sterling’s next title defense.

Speaking on his podcast, TimboSugarShowO’Malley said:

“Aljo says he wants to fight me because I deserved it…He says ‘Oh, Henry doesn’t deserve it.’ Henry is a two-time world champion. Even though he’s a fucking jerk, he deserves a title shot if he wants to come back. So I think they kind of want to do Henry against Aljo at the start of the year next, I’ll fight the winner later.”

UFC President Dana White previously claimed the winner of the UFC 280 fight between O’Malley and Yan would receive the next title. With Cejudo in the mix, a former two-time champion set to return from retirement, those plans may have changed.

🚨| Dana White told @RobbieBar stool that Petr Yan’s winner against Sean O’Malley this weekend will receive the next bantamweight title against Aljamain Sterling’s winner against TJ Dillashaw.👀👀👀#UFC280 #UFC #MMA

Watch Sean O’Malley discuss the bantamweight title shot below (from 6:00 a.m.):

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