Sentence reduced by two years for a man who raped a minor under guardianship

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The Valladolid Juvenile Center (EFE) threatens her with a knife.

The Chamber revised that sentence as a result of the so-called “only yes is yes” law, which changes the lower limits of some criminal offenses related to crimes against sexual integrity.

Last October, the Chamber agreed to a review of the January 28, 2021, conviction in which MBB was convicted of committing a sexual offense against a minor under the age of sixteen with vaginal access for twelve years. , a ban on contacting or approaching the victim, and five years probation

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According to this verdict, on May 6, 2019, a minor, then 14 years old, escaped from a juvenile center in Valladolid and met an 18-year-old assailant whom she had met during her stay in the city. another center in Soria two years earlier.

The victim asked him to let her spend the night at his house and MBB took her to his apartment where she lived with other men, and when they went to bed, he began to touch the victim, to which she asked to stop, because I did not want to have with him nothing.

It was then that he took out a knife, opened it, showed it to her and told her “if you don’t fuck with me, I’ll cut you”, threatening her, after which she finished intercourse.
According to the verdict, as a result of the incident, the minor’s diagnosis of already suffered post-traumatic stress worsened, as she experienced “feelings of humiliation, autolytic episodes and acute anxiety” and was forced to receive psychiatric and psychological help.

lower limit of punishment

In the ruling, known this Thursday and dated yesterday, the Chamber indicates that the types of crimes for which this person was convicted were changed by Law 10/2022 of September 6 on comprehensive guarantees of sexual freedom in terms of the lower limit of the established fine.

Previously, this particular case had imposed a sentence of twelve to fifteen years’ imprisonment, and at that time the Chamber adjusted the sentence to its lower limit, taking into account that the convicted person had turned 18 five days earlier and that he had no aggravating circumstances. circumstances, that is, twelve years.

Following legal changes, a range of ten to fifteen years’ imprisonment was established, and on the basis of a test of proportionality to the original sentence and the application of the most favorable criminal law, the Chamber proceeded to review the sentence. to ten years in prison. EFE

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