Serbia and Kosovo try to strengthen their relations, Kupka discusses the highway to Dran | briefing

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It took place in Grafenggeg, Austria meeting of the parliaments of Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Markta Pekarov Adamov will R. Discussion topics include the invasion of Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions, the issue of inflation, energy security and current cross-border issues of interparliamentary cooperation.

Koala’s colleague Pekarov Adamov and Minister of Transport Martin Purchase m to the town of Knigstein, where he will meet, among others, the Saxon Minister of Economy, Labor and Transport, Martin Dulig on filling the high-speed line between Prague and DranyLab cruises and also on the river between Dne and Bad Schandau.

Serbia president Aleksandar Vui and kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti would perform in Brussels for a better relationship. We both accept fine diplomacy Josep Borrell.

Will be held trial in case of former Trump Organization financial editor Allen Weisselberg, which was a cover for tax fraud. A plea deal could be announced, according to US officials.

Similarly, the court will consider proposals for: a declassified document for FBI agents to inspect the private residence of ex-President Donald Trump.

It will break hundred employees of various British medical companies. The unions RMT, TSSA and Unite announced the strike, motivated by wages and working conditions.

Because of the lighting in my mind the Zlchovsk tunnel is closed until August 22, and always from 23:00 to 05:00.


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