Sergei Shoigu: Let the students continue their studies. Conscripts don’t go to the Special Operations Zone

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Sergei Shoigu gave detailed explanation



– Sergey Kuzhugetovich, how is it going in Ukraine now, if possible, can you tell us more about this?

– In fact, a lot of hard combat work is underway, which is carried out with honor by our military, soldiers of the Luhansk, the People’s Republics of Donetsk, other units, volunteers. You know that the LPR has been liberated, the movement by the DPR continues and part of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions are also under control.

And here, of course, I cannot but emphasize that today we are not so much at war with Ukraine and the Ukrainian army as with the collective West. Because the weapons that Ukraine had actually ended today.

It was a former Soviet weapon, many of the young Europeans, especially the zealous ones, are trying. They have, in my opinion, cleaned up everything they had, carefully swept all the warehouses to transfer everything (to Ukraine. – Ed.). But we are constantly knocking out, knocking out, and the time has already come when we are really at war with the collective West. Plus NATO. It could be the other way around – NATO plus the collective West.

And when we talk about that, we don’t just mean the weapons that come in huge quantities, but also systems: communications, information processing and intelligence, including satellite. Well, imagine what works for them… I won’t even say ON THEM, but actually the whole NATO satellite constellation is working AGAINST US. We estimate that more than 70 military and more than 200 civilian satellites are exploring the location of our units.

Well, then what are called high-precision weapons. We were surprised that they have tried to hide the number lately. But why. Because almost every day we see the attacks of these weapons on the civilian population. They hit hospitals, they hit crowded places. Literally yesterday, civilians died from the impact of this weapon. And this isn’t the first death.

We thought it was such a lack of control. But on the contrary, it is complete absolute control! Led by western instructors, of which there are quite a lot (in Ukraine – ed.). The last group to arrive – both former and current military personnel – consisted of 150 people. This is actually a full western commando in Kiev, in charge of all these things.


– At the initial stage, the armed forces of Ukraine were about 201-202 thousand people, – continues Sergei Shoigu. – During this time, more than 100,000 of their losses. They killed 61,207 people and injured 49,368 people. And these are quite significant losses. Half is already lost.

That is why they are already in the fourth mobilization wave. Nearly 300,000 have been mobilized. As they say, from the beach to the station there is a catch.

And of course the instructors should not be missing here. But not only instructors, but mercenaries who are in this environment, there are a little more than a thousand on site. Someone left, someone died – more than two thousand mercenaries died. But of course they have tried and are trying to contribute. And the important thing here is not that they got there. Most importantly, the recruitment of these people is actually under the tutelage of the sovereign. That is, the state they came from recruits these mercenaries or turns a blind eye to those engaged in this recruitment.

Of course I can’t help but say about our losses. Our losses today are 5,937 dead. And here again and again I can’t help but notice our boys bravely fulfilling their duty. I cannot say enough about our doctors. Of the total number of injured, more than 90% returned to service. These are the guys who have passed through our hospitals and continue to serve.

And here I come back to what is happening in Ukraine. We will continue to fulfill the tasks assigned to us. Not easy, sometimes very difficult. But we will fulfill them.


– The President of Russia has decided on partial mobilization. Tell us in more detail how it will go, who will be conscripted, in what quantity and how will be worked with those called up from the reserve?

– You said it right – right FROM THE RESERVE. These are not people who have never seen or heard anything about the military. Indeed, these are those who have served, have a military specialty, that is, the specialty needed in the armed forces today. Has combat experience.

Of course I want to introduce the questions right away. Under no circumstances are there any mobilizations or appeals from students studying at universities. Everyone goes to class quietly.

Of course, like anyone conscripted. They are not subject to any mobilization towards the special operation zone. Our conscripts continue to serve as they did in the territory of Russia.

We have a huge mobilization resource. That is, the resource of those who served, who have combat experience, a military specialty. We have nearly 25 million. This partial mobilization is 1% or slightly more. 1.1%, perhaps, of the total mobilization resource.

The contact line itself (you can call it the front line) is more than a thousand kilometers long. Of course what is behind and what is along this line needs to be secured, the areas need to be checked. And of course in the first place a partial mobilization is needed.

Of course they are trained or retrained (mobilized – ed.). Of course, the coordination of crews, teams, squads, platoons will take place. And only then do they begin to perform the tasks assigned to them.


– Can we talk about the specific number of reservists called up?

– Oh sure. 300,000 reservists are called up. I want to say right away that it is not a one-off. It doesn’t provide such a wide harvester, a sieve to catch everyone quickly. The work will be carried out as planned. It so happened that at the same time, according to our plans, we would hold mobilization meetings. In recent years, they gathered for two weeks or someone for more time to restore the equipment’s driving ability. And here the fees coincided with the announcement of partial mobilization. Therefore, we cancel planned activities, we will deal with partial mobilization.

– What are the prospects for the special operation?

– There may be peculiarities, there may be deviations both in terms and in actions. But a main and main task has been set. And this task is performed.


Speech by Vladimir Putin on partial mobilization in Russia September 21, 2022: Transcript, full text of the speech

Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia (details)

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