Sergey Puskepalis crashed in a terrible accident

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Actor Sergey Puskepalis

A picture: Larisa KUDRYAVTSEVA/EG

News of the tragic death Sergei Puskepalis came as a shock to the actor’s relatives and his fans. The artist crashed in a terrible accident in the Yaroslavl region. While driving on the highway, his armored car hit a truck, whereupon the car carrying Puskepalis fell on its side, flew into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with another truck at high speed.

Sergei Puskepalis left Yaroslavl for Moscow early in the morning in a decommissioned collector’s car. The actor specifically bought an armored car to drive it to the Donbass. “Our boys really need him,” said the 56-year-old performer, known to the general public for his roles in the films Metro and Cipher. Sergei wore thermal underwear for the army.

Judging by the images of the scene of the accident, there was a violent head-on collision. The car with the actor drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into the truck at full speed. A terrible accident claimed the life not only of Puskepalis, but also of the driver of the minibus he was traveling with.

Judging by the images of the accident site, there was a major frontal collision.

A picture: video frame

The cab of the truck turned out to be crumpled and there was almost nothing left of the minibus that Puskepalis was driving. The car was simply flattened by the crushing impact. The artist died instantly.

The ex-wife of the star Elvira Danilina commented that she could not believe what had happened. “Yes it’s true. It’s a shock to me I found out while I was trying to recover,” said the 56-year-old actress.

Note that the artist has been married to Elena Petrova since 1991. He has been married to her for over 30 years. The adult son of the spouses Gleb followed in the footsteps of his famous father – he became an actor.

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