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Sergey Puskepalis crashed in an accident: where is the funeral, date of farewell?

The son and widow of Sergei Puskepalis - Gleb Puskepalis and Elena Petrova at the farewell ceremony.  Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

The son and widow of Sergei Puskepalis – Gleb Puskepalis and Elena Petrova at the farewell ceremony. Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

Sergey Puskepalis crashed on September 20 in a terrible accident. His car collided with a truck on the highway in the Yaroslavl region. The actor had no chance of survival. During the farewell ceremony, the coffin containing the artist’s body was closed.

In Yaroslavl they said goodbye to Sergey Puskepalis. The ceremony took place in the main hall of the First Russian Theater – since 2019 the actor is the artistic director of a cultural institution. The hall was covered with flowers and funeral wreaths. Two closed coffins were placed on the podium. In addition to Puskepalis, we also said goodbye to theater driver Alexander Sinitsyn, who drove the minibus.

Friends, acquaintances and colleagues came to see the dead. Among the stars at the ceremony were: Irina PegovacAndrey Merzlikin, Nikolai Burlyaev and Edgard Zapashny.

The widow of the artist Elena Petrova and son Gleb Puskepalis did not hide their grief. Puskepalis Jr. sobbed, the widow hid her teary eyes behind dark glasses and wept during heartfelt speeches by colleagues and friends of Puskepalis.

A funeral service was held after the civil memorial service. The chests containing Puskepalis and Sinitsyn were carried in their arms to the Kazan Monastery. Merzlikin led the procession with a portrait of Puskepalis.

The actor’s funeral will take place on September 23 in the city of Zheleznovodsk, Stavropol Territory. last hiding place Sergey Puskepalis finds near his own parents. The funeral ceremony is only open to the artist’s family and friends.

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