Sergey Puskepalis: “Life is a beautiful thing, in which there is a place for everything”

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We publish selected excerpts from the interview with the actor

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Tragic incident costs life famous theater director, artistic director of the Yaroslavl Drama Theater. Volkova Sergei Puskepalis. The general public knew and loved him for his roles in films (“How I Spent This Summer”, “Simple Things”) and TV series (“Cry of an Owl”, “And in Our Yard”). As an actor, he was a symbol of reliability. Firmness, softness and good power. Sergei Puskepalis has repeatedly given interviews to the TV guide “Teleprogram” (part of the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”). The last conversation took place in April, on the eve of the premiere of the film “Wings over Berlin” with his participation. We publish selected excerpts from these interviews.

About life

“Whatever happens, life itself is much more interesting and diverse than our attitude towards it. Life is a wonderful thing, in which there is a place for everything. And you must not throw it away as you will, beloveds. Not to let your loved ones down. If you have close people – there is someone to be responsible for, that’s great. And if not… You have to think: why?”

About the midlife crisis

“If I die, maybe outsiders will understand when I had this crisis. It’s all dissolved in the river of life. I can’t say, “You know, on March 18 of that year, a crisis started for me and ended on June 20.” There was something, probably… I don’t remember, I’m not going to fix it.

About family life at a distance

The family hearth in Puskepalis in Zheleznovodsk – despite the fact that he often visited Yaroslavl and Moscow. With his wife Elena, they lived for more than 30 years.

“It happened to us, we are still alive. And we continue to do this. For someone else it may turn out differently. Most importantly, people shouldn’t, well… tolerate each other. It is very difficult for me to cut. I’m so… not very sawed! But I think it’s better not to give any ground for that.”

How to deal with hardship?

“Communication and some communication. With good people. I think this is the most important. I don’t think a person can do anything alone. To be with someone who is happy right now. Be happy for them, and you’ll feel better already. It is warm and keeps you warm. And alone, go on a binge… This is the road to nowhere.

about drinking

“I have stopped smoking, but I can drink with pleasure! You just have to do it beautifully, professionally and in good company. To pour into the soul! Then it gets great. It’s all about…”

About a complicated last name that everyone pronounces wrong

In theory, the stress falls on the first syllable, but it is easier for a Russian-speaking person to pronounce “Puskepalis” with the stress on the third. But the director corrected no one.

“My father didn’t, and I don’t. They used to call their father Puskepa foxes, he was calm about that. They call me Sergey Vytauto (Lithuanian patronymic tradition, on behalf of Father Vitus. – Auth.). My father’s full name is Vitus Bronislavus Iona, but he was called Vitus Ivanovich all his life, it happened. If he told me, “Son, correct people on every corner,” I would correct them.

about art

“What is art for? To overcome their fears of the world. It all started with rock paintings. Every fear can now be answered. Just don’t be lazy to read, look.

About Russian people

“The Russian man was able to remain environmentally friendly. This is a person with traditional values, without these additions – without this postmodernism. It may seem to someone that this is banal or old-fashioned, unoriginal, but the Russian people have not lost their ecological essence, they are not yet completely poisoned by the benefits and innovations offered to humanity. [Западом]. Maybe that’s why they see us partly as klutz or some kind of eccentric people. And to me that’s called an eco-friendly person.

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