Serial thieves stole tobacco for 200 thousand rubles in a minute in the suburbs :: News

Photo: Southern Customs Administration

Their actions are so coordinated and elaborated that it takes a matter of time to take possession of the prey. And this fact complicates the capture of virtuoso robbers.

In the Moscow region, serial burglars still roam freely, trading in tobacconists. The last attack of the burglars was caught in the lens of a surveillance camera and surprised by their skill. The accomplices succeeded within a minute and disappeared. This is reported REN TV citing an informed source and video evidence of the incident.

Two young men entered the shop at night and acted very confidently. It took the attackers just over a minute to put tobacco worth 200,000 rubles in a huge bag and take it out. They took so much loot that it was difficult for either of them to carry it away.

According to law enforcement, previous accomplices committed a similar robbery in a nearby town.

By Peter Kavinsky

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