Slovak MPs will decide on Matovi | . together with the candidate for the presidency briefing


The coalition press conference took place in Brno Togetherwhich I announce procedure for the upcoming presidential elections. The Prime Minister and President of the ODS Petr Fiala, the President of the KDU-SL Marian Jureka and the First Mayor of TOP 09 Tom Czernin will participate.

The finance ministers of the countries of the European Union will meet in Luxembourg, one of them will be led by the Czech minister Zbynk Stanjura. Ministers must approve the position of the Polish states on the distribution of pensions, which should lead to the country breaking out of its dependence on energy from Russia. They will discuss, among other things, the effectiveness of the current anti-Russian sanctions.

The plenary session of the European Parliament continues. MEPs have most likely given their final approval to the proposal to introduce a unified charger for wearable technology. They will therefore debate the proposal to withdraw EU funds from Hungary due to problems with the first state.

The meeting of the Slovak Parliament continues. In the morning, every polling station will vote on the postponed proposal not to the Minister of Finance Igor Matovi.

In Sbrka the law will come true official results of the second round of the summer senate elections.

Discussion continues dajn manipulated the bankruptcy of Via Chem Group. Package for 15 people and 5 groups. Among those involved are businessman Petr Sisk, his first daughter Ivo Hala and Prague lawyer Jan Pacovsk.


By Peter Kavinsky

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