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Spanish Grand Prix 2021 Live Stream



Spanish Grand Prix 2021 Live Stream

The Spanish Grand Prix 2021 will occur on May 9 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya track in Montmelo. Spain. The race will be the fourth event in the 2021 FIA Formula One schedule.

Many of the world’s top open-wheel drivers and teams will compete to take the Spanish Grand Prix title from Lewis Hamilton. The reigning Formula One champion and Mercedes team members have won the last four Spanish Grand Prix races and hope to win his sixth this season.

The Spanish Grand Prix 2021 will be broadcast worldwide through Formula One’s many media partners, including Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Sky Sports F1 throughout the European Union, 10 Sport in Australia. ESPN in the United States. and TSN and RDS in Canada.

You can also find a Spanish Grand Prix 2021 live stream if you’re looking to catch the race online. Some live streams are available through subscription-based platforms, but you can also utilize a VPN to access the race in some places.


History of the Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix is one of the oldest races in the Formula One rotation. The race has been held sixty times since its first iteration in 1913. has been held annually since 1986, and it has been at the same Catalunya track since 1991.

The Spanish Grand Prix had been held in various locations in the early twentieth century. Economic struggles, the two World Wars. And the Spanish Civil War kept the race from being an annual affair.

The race returned in 1967 as a non-championship event, and it would be revived as the Spanish Grand Prix in 1968. The race alternated between the Jarama track near Madrid and the Montjuic street circuit in Barcelona.


The 1975 race at Montiuic was marred by tragedy, as four spectators were killed following a crash from Rolf Stommelen that led to the race being stopped. Many drivers and teams objected to the race over track safety concerns. And Emerson Fittipaldi retired after one lap in protest. The race would be held in Jarama from that point onward.

The Spanish Grand Prix was dropped from the Formula One calendar in 1982. but it would return in 1986 at the Circuito de Jerez in Jerez de la Frontera. The 1986 edition saw one of the closest finishes in Formula One history. With Ayrton Senna defeating Nigel Mansell by 0.014 seconds.

The race moved to its current location in Catalunya in 1991. The race is traditionally held in late April or early May.

Michael Schumacher is the most successful driver in the race’s history as he has won the race six times. Lewis Hamilton has won it five times. Other notables to have won include Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Mika Hakkinen, Mario Andretti, Kimi Raikkonen, and Spain’s Fernando Alonso.

Alonso is the only Spaniard to have won the Spanish Grand Prix. He took the tide in 2006 and 2013. Carlos de Salamanca did win the first Spanish Grand Prix in 1913. but that was not a part of the Formula One Championship.

About the Track of Spanish Grand Prix 2021

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is in Montmelo, a town about 30 km north of Barcelona. The track is 4.655 km or 2.892 miles long and features sixteen turns with many straights all around.

The race lasts for 307.104 km or 190.925 miles. Drivers will complete 66 laps during the race.

A lap down the track works as follows:

  1. The first turn appears after a long straight.
  2. A smaller left turn appears after the first turn. (This is one of the most challenging spaces for overtaking.)
  3. The third turn goes to the right and has a high g-force.
  4. The Repsol curve appears after a short straightway as Turn 4. The angle is similar to the Curva Parabolica turn at Monza.
  5. Tum 5 is a sharp left turn that requires the drivers to slow down. It then leads to a slight straightway with a left-leaning shift.
  6. The TV3 corer at Turns 7 and & features a sharp left turn followed by a slight move to the right. It was leading into a straightaway.
  7. Tum 9 is Camps Comer. a fast right turn that is steep enough uphill to where drivers cannot see the peak as quickly.
  8. Along straight appears after Camps Corner, eventually leading to the long-eft La Caixa tum. A small left shift occurs not long after that.
  9. Turns 12 and 13 are right turns designed to reduce the cars’ speeds to make it easier for them to reach the upcoming chicane and safely pit row.
  10. A left-right chicane appears before the pit row entrance. The drivers must have enough traction over the turn to enter the pit row as necessary.
  11. The sixteenth and final turn is a gentle right turn that leads to the course’s longest straight. The turn is the most popular place for overtaking. However, the lead car can position itself to create enough turbulence.

The track requires extensive planning for each turn. Some turns are more favorable for overtaking than others. Drivers also need to plan their pit stops right to ensure they only stop when necessary. Part of this includes providing they don’t go too wide when turning near the entrance point.

Valtteri Bottas holds the record for the fastest race lap. He went 1:18.183 in his Mercedes vehicle in 2020. But drivers can go significantly faster during qualifying as Lewis Hamilton went 1:15.584 in his Mercedes for the pole position in 2020.

What to Expect Out of the Spanish Grand Prix 2021

The Spanish Grand Prix 2021 will feature two Spanish drivers. Fernando Alonzo will compete with Alpine-Renault, while Carlos Sainz Jr. will drive for Ferrari, Filling in a seat left by Sebastian Vettel.

There will be many exciting developments to spot surrounding this year’s race:

  • The dual-axis steering system Mercedes developed last year will be banned from use. The setup lets the driver adjust the front wheels by pushing the steering wheel, allowing for a better grip in some cases.
  • A driver who uses tires allocated to a different driver will be allowed to complete two laps on those tires before pitting. A driver who does not do this will be penalized. The rule change comes following an issue at last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix where George Russell used tires initially allocated to Valtteri Bottas.
  • McLaren will be using Mercedes power units instead of Renault ones. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris will drive for McLaren.
  • Sebastian Vettel will compete for Aston Martin-Mercedes this season.
  • Mick Schumacher will race for the Haas-Ferrari team alongside Nikita Mazepin. Schumacher won last year’s Formula 2 championship and is the son of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher.
  • Yuki Tsunoda will be new to the Formula One competition this season. He finished in third place in the Formula 2 championship last year. Tsunoda will compete with AlphaTauri-Honda.

Drivers will still use Pirelli tires, as itis the official tire supplier of Formula One. Each team will have ten sets of tires for each event, so all groups will need to watch how they utilize and allocate their tires for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The most remarkable story for the 2021 race involves whether Lewis Hamilton can win his sixth Spanish Grand Prix. He will tie Michael Schumacher for the most victories in this Grand Prix if he wins.

Schedule For the Spanish Grand Prix 2021

The Spanish Grand Prix 2021 will be held from May 7-9. The event will feature three practice periods at the start. A qualifying round followed them.

When these events are held during that weekend, the specific times have not been announced in late January 2021. The Formula One organization will tell those times later.

The race will come a weekend after another competition from April 30-May 2 at a circuit to be named later. The opening comes following a shift in the 2021 schedule after the Vietnamese Grand Prix’s cancellation due to the arrest of a race organizer on corruption charges related to non-Formula One affairs.


How Can You Watch the Spanish Grand Prix Live Stream?

You can watch the Spanish Grand Prix 2021 live through one of Formula One’s many media partners. But you can also catch an online live stream if you’re unable to find access to a broadcaster in your area. Here are a few ways how you can see a live stream:

You can utilize an official streaming subscription plan.

The most prominent Spanish Grand Prix 2021 live stream option available is through an official streaming platform. You can subscribe to a program like the Formula One TV Pro service. The official streaming service of Formula One provides live access to this and all other Formula One race and live timing features.

It does cost money to use one of these streaming platforms. The Formula One TV Pro service is available in the United States for $79.99 for the whole year or $9.99 for a month.

Some platforms are only available in certain countries. Fans in the United Kingdom can use the Now TV Sky Sports Pass package for £25 a month. One-day packages are available for £9.99 for 24 hours.

Various official online broadcasters are available in different countries.

You can find an online broadcaster that offers Formula One coverage in many countries. These include places like the United Kingdom’s Sky Go. The United States’ ESPN+, Australia’s Foxtel Now, and Canada’s TSN Direct and RDS Direct. The DAZN online sports streaming service also offers live streams of Formula One races in Spain and Japan.


It costs money to use one of these online broadcast services. TSN Direct costs CAD 19.99 per month, while ESPN+ is $5.99 per month. Some other deals may be available through these and other providers. However, the terms can vary by place.

How to Watch Racing Using a VPN.

A virtual private network can help you access broadcasts of different television networks in many parts of the world. You can adjust your VPN location to list yourself as coming from a country where an online broadcast is available.

You’ll have to check the over-the-air status of different Formula One races to see if a Spanish Grand Prix 2021 live stream is available in certain countries. For example. France’s TF1 offers live over-the-air broadcasts of only a few races outside of the French Grand Prix. Meanwhile. Russia’s Match TV shows over-the-air broadcasts, but some events may be delayed.

The cost to utilize a VPN will vary surrounding which option you select. ExpressVPN offers packages starting at less than $7 per month. While NordVPN offers deals around $5 per month. Check each option to see which one fits your needs:

  • Your VPN should have support for whatever country you wish to watch the race from.
  • The prices you find through a VPN might be limited offers that last for a few months. Check the terms surrounding contracts. Long-term rates. And other points when finding something of value.
  • The VPN should be easy to access on your device. VPNs can work on many television sets. Computers. Mobile devices. And even video game consoles. Anything that can connect online should have access to your VPN account.

Are Live Bootleg Stream Sites Good?

You might find many online bootleg streaming sites that offer live streams of the Spanish Grand Prix and other Formula One events. But while many bootleg sites that let you stream something through a web browser sound useful. These are hazardous websites. In addition to being illegal, they may also contain programs that might load on your computer and become malware or viruses.

Some sites may also collect your data and use it against you. These problems make going to a bootleg site not worth the time, even if such a position is free to use.

Be sure to plan your efforts for viewing the Spanish Grand Prix 2021 before the race starts. When getting your race viewing plans, you can ensure that you have access to the best possible place where you can watch the event.

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