States are considering Ukraine’s initiative to create a special tribunal to punish the Russian Federation

The United States continues to participate in international discussions and is considering the possibility of implementing a Ukrainian initiative to create a special international tribunal to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

The US ambassador for global criminal justice Beth Van Schaak said this Monday in Washington, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“According to the idea of ​​the Aggression Tribunal (Russia – ed.), there are a number of proposals for the establishment of this tribunal. One of them provides for the possibility of concluding a bilateral agreement between the UN and Ukraine, which can be approved by the General Assembly,” the US representative noted.

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She stressed that there is no hope of a Security Council decision on this issue, as the Russian Federation, as a permanent member, will obviously use its veto power to avoid prosecution. Therefore, according to her, Ukrainian side is promoting other possible modalities, including through the UN General Assembly.

“We in the US are currently focused on supporting existing institutions that already exist and are likely to be held accountable on this issue. But we continue to consider various proposals and communicate with friends and allies to collect everyone’s views on this issue,” said the ambassador.

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In response to a request from Ukrinform to respond to these discussions in more detail, Shaak said that the main conversations surrounding the special tribunal performed at the UN in New York. However, according to her, this process apparently also takes place in European capitals.

“We see that a number of neighboring countries (with Ukraine – ed.) countries, including the Baltic countries, fully support this,” the diplomat noted in the course of discussing the Ukrainian initiative.

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She also expressed her belief that some of the powerful European states are “more cautious and continue to consider various proposals and think about some legal and political issues”.

In the end, Schaak stressed that the talks are ongoing, “and in the end, I’m sure they will lead to some progress.”

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As reported by Ukrinform, on September 26, Ukraine submitted to thirty countries a project to create a special international tribunal to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against our state. At the same time, it was explained that the existing international legal instruments are not enough and that such an international mechanism is needed.

By Peter Kavinsky

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