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The prime minister continues with this in the new ministries, against which the program will be filled after less than a year of functioning of the cabinet.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated that the ministry has now overcome the pandemic without restrictions. We’ve built a two-in-one partnership and it’s working. We have abolished the mandatory barricades. Covid has killed the healthcare system, but including the preventive program it works. he yelled at Fiala’s snowboard.

It goes to further support of preventive maintenance and support of roller shutters. According to the prime minister, the ministry also supports volunteer work.

Minister Vlek added that he gave the ministry full marks. After being covid restricted I managed to get to pre covid length. For this, he thanks the main health facilities, which run at 130 percent.

I’ll never be satisfied until they’re all nailed down. The kampa bag hook works for a very long time. It’s not just about covid, it’s about everything. he said according to Vlek at the premiere of nvtv.

According to both representatives, medical aid to Ukraine will continue. According to Vlk, the Ministry of Health is prepared to comply with this in every possible way. It will never be the responsibility of the Korean healthcare system, the minister assured.

According to Vlek, the change that prevents distributors from holding the product for several weeks for some products will prevent the product from dropping. The Ministry of Health will introduce him soon.

Although the spread of the corona virus in the Czech Republic has been slowing down in recent weeks, according to Vlek, the number of infected people may increase again in the foreseeable future. The ministry is therefore continuing the campaign ‘We wear glasses for a life without fear’, which calls for vaccination and protection against covid, especially among high-risk groups.

On Sunday, Vlek said he wanted to discuss the possibility of joining the healthcare sector. More money should be put into health care and it would be better to help the sector continuously than tax benefits, Otzky Vclav Moravec said in a program on Czech television. According to him, the possibility of connection should be introduced gradually, the new system could be operational from 2025 or 2026.

Two weeks ago, at the TOP 09 conference, he spoke about the possibility of introducing a higher standard of care. A day later, however, he stated that he was not preparing a concrete proposal and wanted to provoke a discussion in the parties with his contribution. Politicians from the ODS and STAN governments took a reserved stance against the proposed higher standard and were rejected by the ANO movement and health unions.


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