Suspended the plenary session of the Cortes of Castile and León due to anger and insults.

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Valladolid (EFE).- The plenary session of the Cortes de Castilla y León was adjourned for 15 minutes due to the lack of control caused by the anger, reproaches, insults and interruptions that arose in the hall when the bill to modify the system of electing autonomous senators was discussed.

The episode came just hours after the debate broke down at the same point, when Council Vice President Juan Garcia-Gallardo (Vox) called former Cs vice president and current attorney “a feeble-minded” and “alleged criminal.” Francisco Igea when he was in the speaker’s gallery.

The time the session was suspended.

Shortly before two in the afternoon, when the last agenda item was already being discussed amidst the existing murmuring, and just after the United We Can representative Pablo Fernandez finished speaking, he was interrupted by several members of the government and the Representative of the PP Raul de la Hoz, Vice President of the Cortes Francisco Vazquez (RP), was consulting with a lawyer when he was heard speaking in the background: “I’m going to adjourn the session and we’ll resume it in noon, what the fuck….”.

“I’m going to pause the session and we’ll resume it in the afternoon, the hell with them…”.

Francisco Vasquez (PP)

“The meeting has been adjourned for 15 minutes,” Francisco Vazquez said shortly after, who, after closing the microphone, said in a low voice, “To hell with him.”

This led to a confrontation between Pablo Fernandez (UP), Garcia-Gallardo (Vox) and Popular Group spokesman Raúl de la Hoz. Fernandez wondered if the new model for electing senators could lead to cases such as the case of the vice president accusing “doing nothing” who goes to the Cortes to speak “when they take off his muzzle” and dedicates himself to “insulting the people “.

President of the Junta de Castile and León Alfonso Fernandez Manueco (right) and Vice President Juan Garcia-Gallardo (left) today at the plenary session of the Cortes. EFE/NACHO GALLEGO

Given these words, Garcia-Gagliardo rebuked him from his seat, and Pablo Fernandez urged him to stop speaking “on behalf of the inferior” and take advantage of the fact that, as a member of the government, he can ask for the floor in order to speak. . “Have courage and courage,” he challenged him, convinced that P.P. and Vox are trying to turn the Cortes into their “farm” and into a “pigsty”.

From his seat, a PP rep told Fernandez to leave the speaker gallery because he had already made “videos” to use them on social media, to which a United We Can rep replied that he didn’t need the videos: “You have no one to command,” he added .

“Stop fooling around,” was heard from somewhere in the half-cycle, which caused even more tension and ended the temporary suspension.

Pollan returns and asks to speak with Garcia-Gallardo.

After the announced fifteen minutes, already led by the President of the Cortes Carlos Pollan (Vox), who was replaced by Vasquez (PP) during the break, the meeting resumed with a call for “respect” and for “order”, according to the President of the Legislative Assembly.

The vice president of the board, Juan García-Gallardo, then asked for the floor “due to personal references” and complained about the “insults” and “attacks” leveled against him and his party by the Mixed Group and the PSOE and defended that they have a “right to exist”. as a party.

without hinting at his yesterday’s run-in with Ijaya, whom he called a “weakling”, Garcia-Gagliardo said: “As a coalition government, as a party and myself as vice president, we are facing attacks, provocations and insults from the Mixed Group and the PSOE that are completely unacceptable and deeply embarrassing to me. “

“Let’s get back to making this the house of the word,” said the vice president, who asked to recognize the debate his party raises on issues like “gender ideology” and avoid turning the Cortes into a “pigsty.”

He then asked for the word Iga (Cs) to remember that “only one person insulted the prosecutor and he is the Vice President”, and on a later shift, with a calmer mood after the break, socialist prosecutor Luis Briones. resumed discussion of the forms used in the Chamber to ask the President of the Cortes for “respect and justice” towards all parliamentary groups.

Lawyers for the Joint Parliamentary Group of the Courts of Castile and León Pablo Fernández (left) and Francisco Igea (right). EFE/ Nacho Gallego

“What has happened here is a disgrace and a discredit to this chamber,” he concluded, convinced that the vice president of Cortés “did not get as far as it is supposed to” and that he is the vice president of the College, who should analyze “what he does” because “he is very to blame for what is happening.”

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