Tayyip Talha Sanuç: I said I could play in Beşiktaş

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Peter Kavinsky

On the last day of the transfer window BesiktasThe young center defender Tayyip Talha Sanuç, who was added to the team of .

national search IstanbulBeşiktaş’s successful defender Tayyip Talha Sanuç, who spent his life in Turkey by staying and working, said to himself the day he started the infrastructure; He said that he said ‘I can play in Beşiktaş, too’ and that he was happy to realize this dream.

The black and white football player joined one of the local channels by phone. Earlier Adana Demirspor with Sports Toto 1. league and Spor Toto Super LeagueStating that he played with star names in the . Playing with players like Balotelli and training with them added a lot to me. It contributed a lot to my development. I’m in Beşiktaş now and I’m doing my best to raise this bar even higher. There are very important, very big names, very high quality feet. Everyone is very friendly since the first day. You know that the adaptation process is very important for performance. I am advancing our adaptation process as quickly as possible. I got used to the team very quickly. The teacher helped me a lot in this regard. There is a family atmosphere in the facilities.”

Stating that he received messages of support from his hometown Karabük during the transfer process, the young defender said, “When I started football, I was living the dream of these days. In this respect, I am very happy and proud. KarabuksporIt was really my dream to be promoted to the A team from the background of . I am very happy that I achieved this. I’m sure there are people in Karabuk who are proud of me. During the transfer process, I received a lot of support messages from my hometown. It’s my home, my hometown,” he said.


Expressing that at the age of 13-14, when he started the infrastructure of Karabükspor, he heard the rhetoric ‘No football players can come out of Karabük’, Sanuç said, “There was a great role model for us like İbrahim Kaş at that time. So it was possible if you wanted to. I said, ‘I can do that. I can play in Beşiktaş,’ and I am very happy that I succeeded today. Maybe there is no former Karabükspor at the moment, but I also have younger brothers I know who dream of becoming football players. A 13-14 year old has become a role model for me. I hope I will too. “I can be a role model for someone. I can shine a light of hope for someone. There is never an impossible thing in football. If dreams are followed and worked on, luck will surely smile on you. I was sometimes pessimistic when I was in the background, but I tried and worked,” he said.
Sanuç also expressed his gratitude to all of his teachers in Karabük, who contributed to both the infrastructure and the A team, who believed in him and gave time.

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Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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