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Tele2, the Russian mobile operator, has released a short interactive video movie about great people with interesting professions for whom it is important to keep in touch.

The film introduces the viewer to the characters who have something to say. The project participants were people from different parts of our country with unusual professions and occupations: Alexey Leshchev founded surf glamping in Kamchatka, Albert Gorbachev conducts excursions beyond the Arctic Circle, Petr Troshkin revives and develops horse breeding traditions in Khakassia , Andrey Anishchenko drives the largest all-terrain vehicle in Yamal, helps deliver groceries and essential goods in off-road conditions.

The short film tells how simple coincidences and accidents turn into a new unusual activity and change the fate of each of the characters. Their life’s work is not only interesting, it also solves an important social problem. Director Evgeny Bakirov and a team of authors were inspired by the stories and fate of the characters, and the impression of communication with them turned into a movie.

The feed would look like a regular video on the web if not for the interactive component. The viewer can choose the hero himself, about the history of which he wants to know more. By spending a few minutes with the project participants, they can not only watch a short film about their profession, but also experience a day in their lives. Documentaries moved to an interactive format, which proved to be the best implementation for these stories.

The film came out inspiring and harmonious. The film shows the daily life of the Russian regions and how modern technologies penetrate people’s daily lives. The authors very accurately combined several important meanings in the cinematic field: helping people, reviving traditions, the beauty of Russian nature and the importance of high-quality mobile communications in remote corners of our country.

A short film with interactive elements is a new communication format for Tele2, a kind of different rules in communication with the target group. The important tasks that the heroes of the project solve every day are impossible without reliable mobile communication. High-quality services, even in remote areas, are not just words, but the principles of Tele2’s operation. According to Research TelecomDaily, the company shows the highest base station commissioning rates in the past two years: 39 thousand in 2020 (+29%) and 31 thousand in 2021 (+18%). According to experts in the telecom market, the company’s modern equipment has significant technical potential, a longer service life and a high margin of safety.

You can watch the movie on the official Tele2 channel at YouTube.

By Peter Kavinsky

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