Telus drops ‘Visual Voicemail 25’ option from $95/50GB plan

Vancouver-based national telecom Telus appears to have changed up one of its mobile plans, dropping the ‘Visual Voicemail’ feature from it.

Telus’ website previously listed that the company’s $95/mo 50GB plan included ‘Visual Voicemail 25.’ As of July 5th, 2022, the feature is only listed as included with Telus’ $105/mo 50GB plan, which also features U.S. data, talk, and text capabilities.

The Visual Voicemail feature allows subscribers to check their voicemail without dialing the voicemail number with their smartphone. Instead, voicemails appear in a list within the dialer app and subscribers can tap a voicemail to listen to it. Moreover, Telus’ website notes that Visual Voicemail 25 allows users to pause, rewind, and delete messages as well as quickly call back any number directly from the voicemail list. The ’25’ portion appears to refer to the number of voicemails viewable this way.

Telus confirmed to MobileSyrup that current customers on the $95/mo plan will still have access to the Visual Voicemail feature, while new subscribers can add it via the $5/mo Visual Voicemail add-on.

According to the company’s mobility add-ons website, the Visual Voicemail add-on allows users to “Listen without dialing in” and offers “One-click access to view up to 25 voicemails.”

However, if you’re going to add the $5/mo Visual Voicemail add-on to Telus’ $95/mo plan, you may want to just fork out the extra to get the $105/mo plan with the extra U.S. calling features. Considering Telus charges $12/day for U.S. roaming, the extra $5/mo cost of the $105 plan would pay for itself with just a few days of roaming stateside.

You can view Telus’ plans here, or add-ons here.

Source: MobileSyrup

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