Telus invests $9 million to bring 5G and PureFibre networks to Mékinac and Les Chenaux

Telus is investing $9 million to bring its PureFibre and 5G networks to Mékinac and Les Chenaux in Quebec.

The investment will go towards building a new wireless site in Saint-Adelphe and the rollout of Telus’ PureFibre and 5G networks in Batiscan, Hérouxville, Saint-Adelphe and Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan in the upcoming year.

Telus suggests that the investment will bridge the digital divide by “fostering digital innovation in local businesses, promoting the tourism industry, attracting young workers and families and accelerating the development of virtual services in health and education.”

“Ninety-nine per cent of families and businesses in our Quebec territory are connected to our PureFibre network and we continue to invest with the objective of connecting all households to high speed internet by September 2022,” said Nathalie Dionne, Telus’ interim vice-president, home solutions and customer excellence in Quebec.

The new investment will result in over 1,700 families and businesses getting access to Telus’ PureFibre network, construction of new wireless sites in Saint-Adelphe for expanded 5G coverage in the community and support for local organizations and vulnerable families in the region.

“2022 will be the year when Saint-Adelphe moves into the digital age with the long-awaited arrival of high-speed and wireless connectivity,” said Paul Labranche, mayor of Saint-Adelphe. “High-speed internet is the cornerstone of regional economic development. Our municipality will now be able to compete with big cities and attract young families to settle here.”

The investment is part of a bigger $70 billion fund that Telus’ aims to invest towards infrastructure, operations and spectrum licensing, and to improve the coverage, speed and reliability of its networks.

Telus plans on expanding its PureFibre network to more communities in Quebec, and other provinces in the coming years.

Image credit: Telus

Source: Telus

Source: MobileSyrup

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