The allegation that former Vice President Pence will be asked to testify about the congress raid in the USA

former US Department of Justice USA head Donald Trump It is stated that former Vice President Mike Pence will testify as a witness within the scope of the “January 6 Congressional raid” investigation carried out against him.

The New York Times reported that the Justice Department would invite Pence to testify.

The newspaper’s news, which is based on sources close to Pence, claims that the former Vice President was also willing to testify on the grounds that the investigation of the Ministry was different from the investigation of the committee established in Congress.

It is among the prominent issues whether Trump, who has attempted to prevent people from his team who wanted to testify before, in the US press, will try to prevent Pence from testifying as well.


It was commented that Pence, who broke up with Trump over allegations of “fraud” in the 2020 Presidential elections and the events of the January 6 Congress raid, was considering running in the 2024 US Presidential election and that Trump avoided publicly criticizing him in order not to confront his voter base.

Pence, who came to the fore with his recent appearances, described Trump’s words about the January 6 Congress raid as “reckless”.

In an interview with ABC, Pence stated that Trump put himself, his family and everyone in Congress in danger with the January 6 events.

Regarding the post that Trump “did not have the courage to reject the elections” against him in those days, Pence said, “This angered me, but turning to my daughter standing next to me, ‘It takes courage not to break the law, but to uphold it.’ I said.” used the phrase.

Regarding Trump’s words about the January 6 events, Pence said, “The President’s words were reckless. It was clear that he had decided to be part of the problem.” he had spoken.

Trump on Twitter before the demonstration in the capital, “There is a big protest in D.C on January 6th. Be there, it will be crazy.” shared his statements.

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