The Allies feared Ukraine and refused to transfer air defense systems to it

Lithuania will not transfer Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers and NASAMS anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine

Lithuania will not transfer Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers and NASAMS anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine

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Very strange reaction allies of Ukraine to requests for new weapons following the Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile incident, which killed two workers in Poland, killed a cow and overturned a tractor carrying a trailer of manure. But the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Misha Podoljak asked so earnestly.

“We still need 150 to 200 tanks, about 300 armored vehicles, 100 artillery systems, 50 to 70 multi-launch missile systems, including the American HIMARS, which Ukraine already has in service, as well as 10 to 15 anti-missile systems,” he said. said, promising a quick “victory” of Ukraine over Russia and some “irreversible processes” that should follow.

Probably, the words about “irreversible processes” were heard with a completely different meaning that Podolyak put into them. In addition, Podolyak asked to transfer a missile with a longer range than he currently has to Kiev.

A loyal ally, Lithuania, which had just not kissed (and who knows, maybe kissed) the gums of today’s Ukraine, which had previously promised to transfer a certain number of German howitzers – self-propelled guns PzH 2000, suddenly changed its mind . Under the pretext that she herself may need these Panzerhaubitze 2000s, which are in service with the Lithuanian army. Either they were greedy, or they remembered that similar howitzers supplied by Berlin had been destroyed or needed repair. In which one, the Lithuanians know for sure, because it was with them that these self-propelled howitzers were sent for repair. However, the Lithuanians remembered in time that Vilnius and Kiev were allies, and therefore promised to send shells to Kiev for these self-propelled guns. Probably after they fix the one he brought for CPR.

However, this is not so bad for Zelensky and his team, but Vilnius decided to crush the NASAMS air defense systems promised to Ukraine.

– I must say about air defense, since this is a very topical issue for the region as a whole, it was decided that we need to accelerate the acquisition of an additional medium-range air defense system. It was in our plans, it was only much later, – the Defense Minister of Lithuania subtly explained the connection with the incident.

A similar “pig planted” Ukraine and Poland. Berlin promised Warsaw to transfer the American Patriot air defense systems, and Kiev, aimed at acquiring these air defense systems, in connection with which a new cult of the “wunderwaffe” (miracle weapon) has already been created in Ukraine, even “saliva dripped from fangs ” pending. But here too there was a setback. Instead of handing over the “Patriots” to Kiev, Warsaw decided to strengthen its border. Moreover, not in any other field, but, as Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said: “Poland wants to place Patriot air defense systems near the border with Ukraine. Watch your hands. Not on the border with Belarus, not on the border with “Russia in the same Kaliningrad region, and in the direction of the greatest danger – on the border with Ukraine. This in itself says enough about where Poland’s leaders see the real danger to their country. Strange reaction, isn’t it? But it is completely natural and logical!

However, the (still) president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, should not be upset. Some countries step aside, like a zealous peasant at the sight of a rabid dog, but the European Union did not abandon Kiev, not only left with dangers and difficulties, but decided to help. As stated by the President of the European Commission, ex-assistant gynaecologist, excuse me, gynecologist Ursula von der Leyen, the EU has decided to allocate 14 million euros for the purchase of school buses for Ukraine.

Interestingly, Zelensky, when he shouted loudest about the need to protect himself from Russia immediately after the provocation with a missile attack on Poland, was counting on such a result? Voldemar, it seems, didn’t read a story in the elementary grades of the school about a boy yelling, “Wolves! Wolves!” And then I would know how such stories end.

Screamed-screamed. And screamed.

By Peter Kavinsky

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