“The best revenge of a macho is not to be like them”

Guadalajara (EFE) – Castile-La Mancha President Emiliano García-Page assured this Friday that “the best revenge on radicals and sexists is not to be like them” and lamented that sometimes “too much tolerance for the intolerant.

This was announced during the institutional act on the occasion of the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which he led at the La Paz Sports Center in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), where he was accompanied by the Minister for Equality, Blanca Fernández. , the President of the Regional Courts, Pablo Bellido, and the Mayor of Azuqueca de Henares, José Luis Blanco, as well as other civil servants and government officials.

In this action, which was once again held under the slogan “You can help” as a call to society’s ability to fight violence against women, the regional government recognized the work of raising awareness of groups and institutions in this fight.

Thus, the head of the regional executive stressed the commitment of Castile-La Mancha to the fight against gender-based violence, which, according to him, is evidenced by the fact that the region has the largest network of women’s centers in Spain.

Garcia-Page emphasized society’s progress in terms of equality in recent years and a change in mentality, something achieved through the efforts of everyone, “and not as a result of chance”, as he called for effort and unity to continue the fight against machismo. , which is a breeding ground for violence against women by those who “in the end do not believe in equality and think they are superior”.

“The best revenge on radicals and sexists is not to be like them,” because sometimes there is “too much tolerance for the intolerant,” the head of the region assured.

Garcia-Page noted that the region was a pioneer in passing laws to combat violence against women, despite the fact that “there are still those who do not give a damn about the laws,” and recalled that “the achieved right is not for life” . “, for which he called for work to maintain what has been achieved and advance in equality to achieve a better future.

In this sense, he warned of what he described as episodes of “environmental violence” taking place, pointing out that some radicals “are overdoing it lately and being cautious, very cautious, because it can’t do anything.” good,” he pointed out, making sure that physical abuse always began with an insult.

He also expressed regret that yesterday, as has happened in other years, unanimous support for a declaration against gender-based violence was not achieved in the Parliament of Castile-La Mancha after voting against the PP for its “only yes” rejection of the new law. Yes.

For her part, the Equality Minister pointed out that today is a day of “remembrance, reflection, justification and recognition” and added that “much remains to be done and the best vaccine is equality” for which we must work. in education.

The head of Equality congratulated herself on the steps taken, but warned of a spread of denial that does not acknowledge gender-based violence and violence against women simply because it is the way it is, which she urged to fight to prevent its spread.

Both Fernandez and Page highlighted the work of everyone who works to prevent and support victims of gender-based violence, from social services to state security or justice forces.

The multi-award winning event featured Marwan, a singer-songwriter publicly committed to fighting sexist violence.

In particular, the educational centers awarded were: IES ‘Federico García Lorca’ from Albacete; Adult Education Center “Antonio Gala” in Ciudad Real; IESO “Tomas de la Fuente Jurado” El Provencio (Cuenca); IES ‘Ana María Matute’ in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara) and IES ‘La Sisla’ in Sonseca (Toledo).

In addition, the Civil Guard and the National Police were given special recognition for their ongoing work in combating gender-based violence, as well as the magistrate of the Albacete Violence Against Women Court, Sira García Dominguez. EFE

By Peter Kavinsky

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