The Board encourages industry to bid for a feasibility study for the Garoña Nuclear Power Plant.

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Valladolid, 22 September (EFE).- Spokesman for the Junta of Castile and León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo (PP), sent this Thursday to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment to finally decide whether to tender or refuse to report the feasibility of the possibility reopen the nuclear power plant of Garoña with two new reactors, which the regional government announced last week.

At a press conference after the Board of Governors, the change made yesterday by Vox to an illegal proposal on this issue and supported by PP was asked about the suitability of the Burgos Valley of Tobalin – the current location of the closed Garoña. – in order to host a new nuclear power plant instead of the re-opening mentioned in the original proposal, Carriedo insisted that “no” they did not have any proposals from a private promoter to carry out any nuclear project in this area.

The Representative pointed out that in this and other sectors, the Board needs to know the “Community reality” in order to contribute, so that if a promoter raises an investment opportunity, the Board can help within its mandate. because he recognized that the final decision-making body in this area was the Nuclear Safety Council (NSC).

He denies the application of the “ideological” criterion

However, Carriedo said that the Board would be “watchful” of the parliamentary debate, citing a proposal approved in the Cortes with the support of the two parties that make up the coalition government (PP and Golos), and sent messages to the future to see if the Ministry of Industry would finally put forward tender or not for this feasibility study Garonyi.

When asked if the Board was applying an ideological criterion in these debates, Carriedo denied this extreme and argued for the need to apply a “technological” criterion without “anticipating” the intent and possibility that private promoters would attempt to generate nuclear power either to build new plants or to extend the operating life. acting.

“The council is not going to force a promoter to submit a project,” Carriedo summed up about the need for private companies to take the first step in this sector and others.

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