The board says it wants to keep 12,000 reinforced toilets.

Seville (EFE).- Andalusian government On Tuesday, he assured that he intends to “calculate” the 12,000 toilets hired as Covid-19 reinforcements and communicate this before the end of the year when the contracts expire, always in “constant dialogue and negotiations” with the unions.

Executive spokesman Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco explained at a press conference that work on hiring plans is underway, although the matter was not discussed in the Board of Governors on Tuesday.

During a week when unions are calling for public health demonstrations, a spokesperson defended working “with diligence” autonomous government to address health problems, and said that we must “be aware of where we come from.”

Toilets: another 30,000 professionals

He stated that there were 30,000 more professionals than when they came to government in the last legislature, and that significant efforts had been made in the areas of infrastructure and toilets.

Health care workers visiting a patient. EFE/Kiko Delgado/FILE

The Andalusian government “respects” all mobilizations and is “not alien to these kinds of statements”, as it proceeds from the fact that Andalusian health care “does not work one hundred percent”, but emphasizes that “there is no” Spanish health care system or another country does.

Fernandez-Pacheco called for a “fundamental” dialogue with social and economic agents that would be “permanent”.

By Peter Kavinsky

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