The Brothers of Italy kicked out a candidate for praising Hitler. He also supports Putin World

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Calogero Pisano, an official from the Brothers of Italy party in the Sicilian province of Agrigento, previously described Hitler as a “great statesman,” ANSA reported. He also said he supports Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pisano’s eight-year-old statement about Hitler was published Monday by La Repubblica. The post sparked protests in the Jewish community. “The idea that people praising Hitler will sit in the new parliament is unacceptable,” the head of Rome’s Jewish community, Ruth Dureghello, said on Twitter.

In response to the case, the leader of the party of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, who could become the first woman to lead the Italian government after the election, announced the suspension of all positions of Pisan in the party. “As of this moment, Pisano no longer represents the party at any level,” the statement said.

Pisano apologized for his post. “Years ago I wrote things that were really bad,” he said, adding that he had deleted his personal Facebook profile because he was ashamed of the statements. “I don’t know how La Repubblica found them, but I am the first to unequivocally condemn them. I apologize to anyone who feels affected by these statements,” he added.

The Brothers of Italy have their roots in the Italian Social Movement (MSI), the largest neo-fascist party in post-war Italy that was dissolved in the mid-1990s, and still use the MSI symbol, a tricolor flame. But Meloni argues that her party distances itself from fascism and poses no threat to democracy. In the current election campaign, she has also stated that she is not in favor of Italy’s exit from the eurozone and that she will continue to support Ukraine, which is fighting against the Russian invasion.

The Brothers of Italy party leads the polls ahead of the election and is a few percentage points ahead of the center-left Democratic Party led by Enrico Letta. The right-wing coalition, which includes another far-right formation in addition to the Brothers of Italy party, the League led by Matteo Salvini, and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Up Italy party, has a significant lead over the government. center-left coalition in the polls.


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