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Juko Naruimaov of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) daily the guard she confirmed that the event was organized by the social service and that a large number of people from Turkey want to go to the EU. She denied that the UNHCR had anything to do with it or supported the action.

On Monday morning, the light caravan set out for the city of Edirne near the Turkish-Egyptian border. Organizers expect it could gradually have 100,000 people. They are Vn Syan, who fled to Turkey in 2011 from the Oban wolf.

The organizers invited event participants to bring sleeping bags, tents, life jackets, water, non-perishable food and first aid kits.

Syrian expatriate and human rights activist Taha Elghazi, who is not part of this caravan, told the newspaper that the Turkish government is unlikely to allow the groups to reach the border with the Czech Republic. Pipomnl also sent border guards from the Czech side. However, all these circumstances mean that the police have been treated brutally, he added.

The situation on the Czech-Turkish border became critical in March 2020, when several tens of thousands of migrants gathered there after Ankara announced that the EU would not hinder their journey to the EU. According to non-governmental organizations, many prisoners were transported to the border by organized Turkish groups at the time.

At the time, they said, there was an attempt by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to try to extort the EU and extract aid for migrants from it. Erdogan also changed the situation of Syrian refugees in his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York. And as proof of the need to give support, he showed the descendants of other countries a photo of two drowned Syrian children.

In Turkey, there are 3.7 million Syrian refugee women who, according to human rights activists, have been in a xenophobic stream for the past year or so. Since then, Turkey has experienced record inflation and food, commodity and energy prices have risen. Many migrants are so concerned that the Turkish government is the fifth in northern Syria.

In May of this year, President Erdogan announced that he wants to motivate one million Syrian refugee women to move first to the area of ​​northern Syria, which Ankara has controlled in recent years along with local rebel groups in the fight against the Syrian-Kurdish YPG. -militia.

These militias helped the international coalition fight with the US in Syria to defeat the terrorist organization Islamic State, but Ankara considers them terrorists and allies of the PKK organization, which has been waging an armed struggle for Kurdish autonomy in the southeast for years. from Turkey. ten years.

Turkey in northern Syria is building so-called safe havens where bicycles, houses and hospitals are stored. Earlier, however, several tens of thousands of local Kurdish residents were expelled from this region. Under the wolves of Obansk, a de facto Kurdish autonomy emerged in northeastern Syria, which it does not call Damaek.


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