“The comparison between Messi and my father is made by those who don’t understand football”

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Diego Maradona’s son Diego Sinagra has taken a shot at Lionel Messi after Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday. The Napoli United manager claims those who compare the PSG star to his late father don’t understand football.

Argentina suffered a shock defeat in their FIFA World Cup opener on Tuesday. They took the lead with a first-half penalty from Messi, but quick goals early in the second half saw Saudi Arabia take a 2-1 lead and hold on until the end.

Speaking to Radio Marte after the match, Sinagra claimed he was devastated by the defeat and could hardly believe it. He continued to search Messi and was quoted by AS saying:

“I’m devastated by the loss to Argentina. I find it hard to believe that all of this really happened. Losing to Saudi Arabia is crazy. The comparison between Messi and my father is made by those who don’t don’t see and don’t understand football. We’re talking about two different planets. But I don’t want to throw the cross at Lionel right away.”

He continued:

“Sometimes in football you even lose against much weaker opponents. I don’t think Argentina were presumptuous today. On the contrary, they were scared. Football is like that. If you don’t close matches, even the poorest teams will come after you.”

Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona comparisons are almost always made

Lionel Messi has been compared to Diego Maradona since his debut. The Argentina captain was compared to the legend who died earlier this week by Alan Shearer.

The England pundit backed the South American side to win the FIFA World Cup and believed it would make Messi the better player over Maradona. He said:

“It will be a great way for Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, to come out. This could be a defining moment for him – he was probably the greatest player we’ve ever seen, but the thing that’s always thrown at him when comparisons are made between him and Diego Maradona is that he has never won the World Cup. If he were to win this one, that would be pretty much the end of this debate – and what a story it would be.

Argentina will face Mexico on Saturday, November 26 in the FIFA World Cup.

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