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He thus confirmed the verdict that this year the Circuit Court for Prague has 7 . issued. The latter freed the designer Jiho Strskho and another fa detached bridge Technical Construction Communications (TSK) Antonn Semeckho. The original sentencing judge gave both men suspended sentences.

The pedestrian bridge, which has connected the Prague Troja with the Czech island since 1984, fell in December 2017. The pedestrians were injured.

It was not proven that the act took place, the legs are wrapped for it, said Dalibor Rylav, the current presiding judge of the Prague 7 District Court. Both mothers risked two to eight years in prison for reckless danger.

The Nalzac court made no mistake in acquitting both defendants, said Monika Kikavov, the chairperson of the appeals committee of the Prague Municipal Court.

In similar cases, according to the above, there is a systemic problem, because in order to collect the necessary evidence, the immediate presence of specialists from different fields on the network site would be required.

If any evidence is not provided initially, there is no additional option for such cases, she emphasized. The police relied on the opinion of the only expert who did not defend his opinion in court.

The railway connecting Troja and Cesak Island was designed in 1983 by Strsk. It was put into service a year later. Day after day, hundreds of people, including families with children, went to the nearby zoo. According to the report, it fell due to the corrosion of the supporting and supporting cable, causing moisture to enter the structure and accelerate the effect of salt scattering.

In his appeal, he emphasized that the sl was not the main cause of corrosion, as the lion’s malfunctions manifested themselves before use and stopped until it was put into use.

Vysoké Kolok’s 70-year-old professor Strsk squirmed first, as the lion’s mane spilled what he wasn’t allowed to on the surface. He pointed to improper repairs to the lioness, which he said no one had informed him of. He denied that there were cracks in the structure at the front. This year, the Prague 7 court concluded that his project was without flaws.

Eighty-one-year-old Semeck stressed that none of the information he provided indicated that the lion should be shut down. By the time the structure fell, the main bridge had not been released for more than eight months. The court recalled that the condition of the lions was also affected by two floods that swept through the capital.

The judge gave both men suspended sentences. He insisted that TSK should have recommended the closure of the dikes by November 2016 at the latest, when both the alleged breach of the dike system and the significant risk of collapse of the structure came to light. According to him, Semeck had the results of ten inspections by TSK employees and 28 inspections carried out by Pontex, which kept an eye on the lion.

The capital Prague has spent 8.2 million kroner as compensation on cleaning up the debris after both flies. Pojiovny wants 2.4 million crowns. The courts referred them to Obanska’s first wife. Prague paid 50,000 crowns in cadmium from Zranch u two. They paid their pensions by first destroying the pensions, but they haven’t sent them since.

If you don’t, men will break their bones or vertebrae. Worst of all was the woman who was taken to hospital by rescuers with a brain and whip hemorrhage and fractures to the skull, nose, pelvis, shoulder blade and femur.


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