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Who did Charlotte Garrigue Masarykov vote for in that starting round? Zeman has not revealed, but when he threw a ticket into the ballot box, his candidate drank a lot of water. In Lny, he could choose a representative from three candidates: ODS, KSM and the Spolen candidate for Lny and Varov.

After 2 p.m. Andrej Babi voted out the ANO movement in Prhonice. It is our duty to stick to the results in the big cities, where we actually lost the parliamentary elections, Babi recalled. According to the chairman, ANO should have a good starting position in the capital, which he believes is the main advantage of leader Patrik Nacher. In Prague I hope we can fight even at the highest level, in Babi.

The chairman of ANO recalled that these are the first elections after the parliamentary elections, which the current ruling coalition took over. According to him, they can expose the people to the current cabinet and point out the suffering, which according to Baba is the issue of high energy prices. We, as the ANO movement, called on citizens to express their views on the functioning of the government and political parties, he added.

After 5 p.m., ODS chairman Petr Fiala threw the blanket into the ballot box and voted for the prime minister in Brno. He said he hoped the ODS would strengthen its position in the elections. M est primtor and 180 starost. In Sent he wants to make a hole for the democratic parties. He added that he would like to form coalitions in the cities on the government’s plan. He wants to prevent the influence of populists and extremists from being strengthened.

In Prague 2 she was elected Pirt Ivan Barto. Pirti wants to win at least 350 representative mandates. In the last election, I hope for the promotion of the Pirt candidates to the second round, said Barto.

Barto recalled that after the last election, the Pirts were in charge of the largest cities, Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Candidates in about 200 cities and towns sent eight candidates to compete for the Senate. Pirtt sentoi is now a member of a joint club with SEN 21, according to Bartoe the cooperation has been working for a long time.

According to the deputy prime minister, Pirti would pursue an open policy without corruption in towns and villages and modernize the cities. The duty to negotiate and form coalitions. He didn’t want to estimate election time. It’s not a sunny weekend, people could go to the polls, she said. I hope the SPD will not succumb to leadership.

SPD chairman Tomio Okamura appeared at the polling station in Prague at 5 p.m.

In both types of elections, voters must choose from their candidate pool this year, not in previous elections. 178 candidates compete for the 27 seats on the highest commissioners, down from 55 candidates.

There are six or seven adepts for one chosen castle. 195,214 inhabitants want to become municipal representatives, 21,000 less than a few years ago. Approximately the number of applicants is stated for one place at the town hall.

People can vote on Friday from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You must bring an identity card to the polling station, either a national identity card or a passport.

In municipal elections, on the ballot paper, where the candidates from all political groups line up, they can form a representative office with their names, but about two votes for their party.

For example, they can mark the favorite party with a kke, or combine them with candidates from other groups. However, I am not allowed to be an elected member of the council. Otherwise the vote would be invalid.

If my candidate has cheated the voters, the validity of the vote will not suffer. However, the ticket would be invalid if the candidate’s day was not approved. People can prepare their tricks at home, in the polling station behind a curtain, they can put the ballot papers in the polling booths and then throw them in the ballot box for the electoral commission.

In the senate elections, people choose a note with the name of their preferred candidate, which they put in the ballot box for the senate election and then in the ballot box. Do not modify this item in any way. People are not allowed to change the ballot papers they receive from the Election Commission during the validity of their vote.


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