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I started as a certified agricultural machinery repairman and tractor driver. To this day I am actively engaged in cultivation in my field because this work gives me fulfillment and gives me much needed mental rest.

After completing basic military service, which I served as a medical instructor,

the opportunity arose to continue as a professional soldier in the infirmary of the unit. I was very interested in this job, I saw the perspective of further education in it and I graduated in further study in the field of General Nursing. I will always fondly remember this period of 24 years. I actually fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a teacher or serving in the military.

The work in the army was very diverse. In the medical department I worked in the ambulance and I gave training and education. Since we were a small unit, I also held all functions in logistics: material security, warehousing, accounting, purchasing, invoicing, budgeting, processing all kinds of plans, file work, monitoring the operation of technology and the like. I now benefit a lot from these experiences in my role as mayor. In addition, the military taught me discipline, punctuality, respect for superiors, collective cooperation and the effective management of subordinates. This also comes in handy in my current job.

In 2014 I decided to go into municipal politics. I wanted to get to know this profession in practice and gain new experience. I joined the board in 2016 when I joined as a deputy. I am the mayor of the next election term from 2018. What I like about being mayor is when we can see behind us a job well done, which requires the broad cooperation of everyone. Agreeing, finding a compromise, being able to argue, but also listening, these are the most important conditions for success.

A village is a living organism that requires the cooperation of not only all residents but also companies for successful development. In our case, the Dukovany nuclear power plant plays a key role. Not only as a great employer, but also as a reliable partner and good neighbour. Unfortunately, good things are not praised these days, it is fashionable to criticize. Praise costs nothing, but is sometimes priceless. And that is often forgotten.

JIŘÍ ŠANDA, Mayor of Mohelno, alternative to Mohelno


Peter Kavinsky

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