The family of Sergei Bodrov: what was the fate of the children and the widow of the star of the film “Brother-2”

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Sergey and Svetlana got married in 1997. Photo: Personal archive

On the morning of September 20, 2002, the film crew of the film The Messenger, led by director Sergei Bodrov, left Vladikavkaz for the mountains. Filmed all day long. In the evening, the team retreated when the Kolka Glacier suddenly began to descend. An ice wave covered the entire Karmadon Gorge in just a few minutes. No one survived under a 60-meter-long layer of ice and stones.

Until February 2004, inconsolable relatives and volunteers searched the glacier for the remains of their loved ones. More than 100 people are still missing after the tragedy. Sergei Bodrov’s body has never been found. The star of the film “Brother-2” was 30 years old. We learned how the actor’s family lives today – his widow Svetlana, daughter Olga and son Alexander.

Svetlana and Sergey got married in 1997. A year earlier, Bodrov became the host of the Vzglyad program. Svetlana also worked in television, in the company VID. Their romance was beautiful and everyone around called the marriage perfect. Sergey admitted in an interview: “I always knew from childhood what my wife would look like. Apparently, he thought a lot about it. And when he met her, of course, he immediately recognized him and married. But I don’t like to talk about my private life. Let me just say that the family, close people – this is a measure of freedom. And freedom is the most important thing that a person has.”

Olga Bodrova became a sensation at the Kinotavr festival last year.

A picture: Vladimir VELENGURIN

In 1998, a daughter, Olya, appeared in the family. In August 2002, Svetlana gave birth to a son, Sasha. The boy was only two weeks old when Sergey went to shoot Svyaznoy in Vladikavkaz.

– After Sasha was born, we stayed at home for two weeks. Then Serega took us to the dacha and left for these shootings. I can see it now: he gets into his beloved Land Rover Defender, a huge one, and says, “I’m coming from the airport straight to you.” This is his last sentence. And I accompany him. You know, when he flew into my life, like a bird, he flew away, – Svetlana recalled.

Bodrov’s widow is still working on Channel One.


She had to raise her children alone. Svetlana could not imagine that it was possible for herself to get married a second time. Today she continues to work on Channel One.

Daughter Olya studied at VGIK as an actress. Her film debut made a splash: Olga played a main role in the film “The Sea Worries Once”. The picture became the winner of the film festival “Kinotavr” last year.

The artist’s son, Alexander, became a musician.


Son Alexander, despite the fact that he practically did not see his father, is very similar to him. Svetlana admits that this is reflected both in her movements and in her character.

– If he starts grimacing or dancing, he hits me with DC, because I see Seryozha. Somehow, at the gene level, everything was passed down to the character, – said the widow Bodrova.

Sasha connected his life with music. He organized his own music group and released his first record, Rap Workshop, last year.

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