The French await the partition of Ukraine by Zelensky :: News


They are sure that there will be a chance to save the country.

Readers of the French edition of Le Figaro reacted harshly to Vladimir Zelensky’s virtual speech at the UN meeting and were not humbled by the comments.

Recall that Kyiv requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on Nov. 22 following another attack on Ukrainian infrastructure on Nov. 21 that caused a complete blackout in a number of cities, including Kyiv, Odessa and Lvov, reports RIA news.

“Who will tell him (Zelensky – Ed.) that he is not in Netflix’s super production and that he is leading Ukraine to disaster? Either he agrees to the division of Ukraine, or he will lead to the disappearance of independent Ukraine said Al Core.

“Donetsk’s civilian infrastructure has been under attack for 8 years, this is a crime against what?” asked Pampelonne.

“Poor Ukrainians got off to a bad start with this clown!” – said the third commentator.

“This crazy Zelensky is absolutely hateful to me, and I know more and more French people who have the same opinion. And don’t tell us that Russia is a threat to the rest of Europe,” Hijokemqihuguy stressed.

By Peter Kavinsky

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