The gas and electricity price ceiling has been signed by Zeman. The Amendment Will Help Consumers Company

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The cabinet wants to limit the price of electricity to six crowns per kilowatt hour for electricity and the price of gas to those crowns per kilowatt hour, including VAT for small consumers. The amendment to the law should therefore better protect consumers who have derived prices in their contracts from stock prices. The law can enter into force the day after publication in the collection.

Zeman praised the government’s approach to ceiling prices for electricity and gas. He called it the best of the energy crisis. He sees the boundaries as pimen.

In order to limit the prices, the government will have to make a statement in which it sets out the details, namely the maximum price. It will thus determine which series of purchases the price cap will apply to, and which categories of customers the price cap will affect. The supplier first has a demonstrable loss and a nominal profit on the castle. In a special market situation, the government can, for example, prohibit trading in electricity and gas on the stock exchange.

According to the information so far, the government could release the Nazen on January 5. The 30th meeting of the energy ministers of the EU countries will take place and other issues will be discussed.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) recently said that one price cap will cost no more than 100 billion kronor. The energy supplier first has a demonstrable loss and a nominal profit on the castle. To finance this step, the government wants to use the upcoming tax on extraordinary profits as well as dividends from the 100-controlled energy group EZ.

In a special situation, the government can provide information about maximum prices. The approved amendment does not define it. In response to last year’s amendment to the Energy Act, which introduced a controversial tariff for households, the cabinet stated that an unusual market situation is understood to mean a situation in which a substantial part of the population finds itself in financial difficulties as a result of high electricity or natural gas prices and this state is not possible, sufficient or appropriate to receive any other form of state aid, such as housing benefit.

The change makes it more difficult for consumers to cancel a contract that contains a so-called spot price, i.e. a price derived from developments on the stock exchange. Energetick regulan ad warns against such contracts. The Vlda argues that this in turn should provide other protections for vulnerable damages against contracts that may be subject to price fluctuations due to market instability.

However, the first to cancel the contract with spot prices during the month is only the consumer, not the company, for example. This concerns both fixed-term and indefinite contracts. If an agreement is included in the agreement that makes it possible for the supplier to change the agreed price of electricity or gas to a price based on developments on the stock exchange, without the express consent of the consumer, such an agreement will not be complied with.


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