The horror of the mother-in-law in Ankara! Killed by hitting him on the head with a cobblestone

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He killed his brother-in-law with a cobblestone

In Ankara, Emre G. killed his brother-in-law, Murat Dadaş, with whom he had an argument, by hitting him on the head with a cobblestone.

The incident occurred in the morning hours in Keçiören district, Ufuktepe Mahallesi Osmangazi Street. An argument broke out for an unknown reason between Emre G. and Murat Dadaş, who were alleged to be alcoholics. In the incident that turned into a fight, Emre G. hit his brother-in-law on the head several times with a paving stone on the road.


Police and medical teams were sent to the scene with the notification of the citizens who witnessed the horror on the street. Murat Dadaş was taken to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention by the paramedics. Dadaş lost his life despite all the intervention of the doctors. Emre G., who was neutralized by the guard passing the scene, was taken into custody.

Murat Dadaş died at the scene.


Eyewitness Oğuz Kaan Karaca described what happened as follows: “They started arguing around 06:00. One of them was lying on the ground and the other hit him on the head several times. Later he hit him on the head with a stone a few times. We shouted ‘Don’t do it,’ from the balcony. They shouted from the opposite stop, too. The deceased had fainted. He was lying still. The incident was over until we got down. At that time, the city bus was coming. A guard who was on the bus got off and intervened immediately. Then the police teams came.”

The investigation about this case is still ongoing.

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