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We can expect the first blockage in the course of the coming weeks, a maximum of a month. We are currently collecting tips, but we have to measure, and then the law becomes active and we can start the whole process, said the editor-in-chief of the State Agriculture and Food Inspectorate (SZPI) Martin Klanica.

According to him, this will improve the environment and, above all, protect consumers. At physical locations, we can dry up, close and not expose the orders to a risky situation at all. Until now, we only had the opportunity to draw attention to the problem in the Internet environment, compared to the editor.

Those portals that offer dangerous food on the website or publish content that violates the first regulations will be banned. We will remove the block, we will add the portal to a special list. The blocking itself must be done by any internet access service provider in the Czech Republic within 15 days of being listed, Klanica added.

The list is published on the website and in the Food for Laundry application, which is operated by SZPI. For years in Potraviny na prani we inform about risky websites, where we warn consumers about e-shops that are called violators of the first regulations of the Czech Republic and the European Union, but so far we have not been able to intervene with them, explained Klanica from.

Even foreign websites will not escape punishment

Currently, the list of risky websites lists you as the one who buys the Fiocard package. Its website claims it normalizes blood pressure and is the origin of many unsubstantiated flattering and health claims. In reality, however, it is not a registered medical preparation in the Czech Republic. And according to Food for Washing, it’s probably a dietary supplement. Another case is a website that illegally offers flavored wine drinks in the wine department.

It is expected that the difference between the portals that are on the list of risk sites and the websites that are actually blocked will be large. For tactical reasons, Klanica declined to indicate where the border is and how the inspectors will proceed if the portal’s danger is proven. It can be 100% wrong, but it’s not a requirement. Let’s see how it works out in practice, inspector Pavel Kopiva added.

The SZPI is given a similar power to control liv as the State. I can also ban websites that sell unauthorized liva. The Ministry of Finance is also trying to block me in the area of ​​gambling.

Blocking the website is possible even if the website is registered abroad. And at that moment the content is passed on to the consumer. Usually the pages are in Etin, which can be bought for Czech crowns and shipped to our country. However, when it comes to websites targeting citizens of another state, our powers do not extend there, the editor of SZPI said.


Peter Kavinsky

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