The Kremlin understands it is losing in Ukraine

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The leadership of the Russian Federation understands its loss in the war against Ukraine, but tries to delay the end by a desperate attempt at partial mobilization.

As a Ukrinform correspondent reports, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to international organizations in Vienna, Yevhen Tsymbalyuk, said this during a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday in Vienna.

“Dictators never admit mistakes until their desperate decisions lead to their personal disaster. This is evidenced by the partial mobilization announced yesterday by President Putin and Minister Shoigu. If according to Shoigu Russia only lost about 5,900 of its army – which is not true – why does Russia need a partial mobilization? Whatever is said, the Kremlin clearly understands that they are losing,” he said.

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The Ukrainian ambassador noted that the partial mobilization announced by Putin the day before “doesn’t change anything on the ground”.

“For months, there has been a secret mobilization that cannot change the dynamics of the war. And the official announcement was just a formality. Through his decision, Putin confirmed that he is ready to throw more people into the fire of a war that he has no chance of winning. He doesn’t care about thousands of ordinary Russians and how many coffins will come to Russian families. He really only cares about the continuation of his kleptocratic rule,” emphasized Tsymbalyuk.

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He also pointed out that the new legislation, voted by the Russian parliament ahead of announcing the mobilization and setting penalties for desertion and voluntary surrender, “points to problems with Russian soldiers who don’t want to die for Putin’s imperialist war.” .”

Separately, the head of the Ukrainian mission to the OSCE also emphasized that “no matter how many illegal polls the Russian Federation conducts in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the result will be the same – these ‘refenda’ will be invalid”.

“All Ukrainian regions will be liberated from the Russian occupation. The Russian leadership will be held responsible for terror, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on Ukrainian soil,” he stressed.

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According to Tsymbalyuk, even after months of defeat, “Putin still cannot understand what Ukraine is.” “He still continues to underestimate the determination of Ukrainians to resist the occupation. He still does not want to admit that there is no support in Ukraine for his “Russian world”. But Putin still believes that he can deceive the world with staged shows in the occupied territories,” he added.

Given the new escalation on the Russian side, the Ukrainian ambassador noted that it is now time for the international community to “take money from Russia” and provide additional sanctions and closed the loopholes that allowed the Kremlin regime to survive.

“Another effective means of deterring the Kremlin’s plans is to quickly arm Ukraine in sufficient numbers. Ukraine can and should win this war on its own terms,” ​​he said.

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As Ukrinform reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on “partial mobilization” on September 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that 300,000 reservists would be mobilized in the Russian Federation. The paragraph of the decree on the number of persons to be mobilized has not been published.

According to media reports, this item allows the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to summon a million people.

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