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On the 211th day of a large-scale army Russian invasion of Ukraine Russian troops continue to try to capture the neighboring country’s settlements. The forces and units of the territorial defense of Ukraine resist aggression. It is impossible to verify the statements of representatives of both parties from independent sources. About 14 million Ukrainians have already left their homes, according to the UN. DW keeps following developments Thursday September 22 (Moscow time).

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has answered some questions about mobilization


The Russian Ministry of Defense has a number of explanation on mobilization issues.

  • As part of the mobilization, categories of civilians needed “to perform tasks” will be called up – “these are, of course, gunners, tankers, artillerymen, drivers, drivers-mechanics”
  • The number of enlisted citizens is determined by the regular need for completed military units
  • One of the most important factors when calling from the reserve is the availability of combat experience. The order of conscription of civilians from the reserve has not been established, but priority is given to those who possess appropriate military registration specialties.
  • In accordance with Russian law, soldiers and sergeants are subject to mobilization – up to 35 years old, junior officers – up to 50 years old, senior officers – up to 55 years old. Officers as well as soldiers and sergeants are called up

Not being called:

  • Reserved citizens, including employees of companies in the defense industry
  • Declared temporarily unfit for health reasons
  • Employed in constant care of a family member or disabled person of group I
  • have 4 or more dependent children under the age of 16
  • People whose mothers besides them have four or more children under the age of 8 and are raising them without a spouse
  • Those who reside permanently outside of Russia and are not registered with the military.


There is no consensus in the Russian armed forces and “there are serious disagreements over the strategy”how best to counter the Ukrainian counteroffensive, CNN reports, citing Western intelligence sources. Russian officers quarrel among themselves and complain at home to friends and relatives about the decisions taken by Moscow, one of the interlocutors told the TV channel.

According to two CNN sources, Putin personally orders the generals on the ground. “A highly unusual command and control tactic in the current military that seems to point to the inefficient chain of command Russia has suffered since the start of the war,” CNN said, citing sources. In addition, the commander who led most of the units in the Kharkiv region was fired, CNN learned. He stayed at this post for 15 days.


Russia imposed retaliatory sanctions against 87 more Canadian citizens, including against the heads of Canadian provinces and territories, the military and heads of companies that supply weapons to Ukraine. This is reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In total, Russia has imposed personal sanctions on 905 Canadian citizens – they have been banned from entering Russia.


Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, during his visit to the UN General Assembly, called on the world community: increase arms supplies to Ukraine. “There are no words of condemnation that can stop the Russian military. The best way to stop Putin is by supplying weapons to Ukraine,” Kuleba said, stressing that if justice cannot be achieved for legal reasons, the International Criminal court, a special tribunal should be created.


German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock “appreciated the courage of the people who demonstrated in Russia against the mobilization,” the dpa news agency reported. “Now it is clear to everyone in Russia: Russia is at war with its neighbor, and this will affect everyone in Russia,” she said on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.


In one of Novosibirsk’s medium-sized districts, the authorities plan to call up about 650 people, the publication Taiga Info writes, citing sources at the regional authorities. So, according to the editorial calculations, with a proportional ratio of the territory to the number of potential mobilized, we can talk about plan to mobilize about 12.5 thousand inhabitants of the region with a population of 2.7 million people.


In Kamchatka, in Magadan and the Irkutsk . region dozens of air traffic controllers were summoned to mobilize, claims the Telegram channel “Aviatorshchina” with reference to the chairman of the federal union of air traffic controllers, Sergei Kovalev. In his speech to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, he called for an extension of the ban on calling air traffic controllers to war. “In some regions, this circumstance is already critical in the work of aviation,” says the letter.

The newspaper Kommersant also reports that in the aviation industry, where military pilots often enter, “great concern is growing about a possible draft”. According to the source of the publication in an unnamed airline, about 40 percent of pilots in the airline’s state are subject to the draft.


“Authorities of the DPR” announced death of six people as a result of the shelling of the covered market in the center of Donetsk. Six more people were injured, according to the ‘mayor’ of the city. The “DPR” accused the Ukrainian army of shelling, Kiev did not comment on this information.


Ksenia Sobchak’s Telegram channel “Caution News” published a video with a Muscovite being summoned to the military registration and recruitment office “to verify military registration documents”. At the Military Registration and Recruitment Office on the same day he was sent to undergo military training in Naro-Fominsk, after which, as he was told, they would be sent “to the defense,” the man said. According to him, he has never served, has no military specialty, was not in a military department and works as an IT specialist at Sberbank. ‘I’m going, what should I do. Or a criminal case,’ said the man.

New protests announced for September 24 in Russia


Democratic Youth Movement “Spring” announced another protest againstmobilization and called on citizens to take to the streets across Russia at 5 p.m. local time on September 24. “Mogilization is active across the country. Soon thousands of our men will be able to go to the front. We can and must resist it,” the activists said. The cities where the actions take place will be announced on September 23 in the Vesna Telegram channel, the places themselves will be announced on the day of the action so that it would be more difficult for the police to prepare, it has been further reported .


Finnish Border Guard reported a significant increase in the number of citizens entering from Russia. September 21, when the Russian Federation announced partial mobilization 4,824 Russians entered Finland through the land border from Russia, the same day a week ago, the number was 3133, a representative of the border service said. However, this figure is still lower than the number of entries from the Russian Federation to Finland on a normal day off, he said. At the same time, he said, the flow of Russian citizens who wanted to enter Finland increased last night and in the morning.


Germany received more than 500 patients from Ukraine for medical care, according to the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. Currently, operations to evacuate injured Ukrainians are being conducted jointly with Norway, mainly by air, as indicated below.


Secret seventh paragraph of the mobilization decree allows the Department of Defense to call up a million peoplewrites the publication “New newspaper. Europe“with reference to one source in the presidential administration. According to the interlocutor of the publication, they first discussed the classification of the entire decree on mobilization, but then they decided to hide only the seventh paragraph under the heading “for official use”. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu previously said about 300,000 people were planned to be drafted.

“This is a lie,” Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s press secretary, responded to the publication.

The “DPR” confirmed the exchange of Medvedchuk


The head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin confirmed that during prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, who is called “Putin’s godfather”, was released. According to Pushilin, according to the Interfax agency, he personally signed a decree on the release of Ukrainian prisoners, including Azov fighters.

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