The Ministry of Finance allocates 83 million for digitalization and 20 for energy efficiency

Toledo (EFE) 0.5 million budget for this department.

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Juan Alfonso Ruiz, spoke about this in detail on Monday during his speech to the Economic and Budget Commission of the Parliament of Castile-La Mancha to report on the main issues of his department included in the draft budget law for 2023. and budget execution as of 30 September.

Ruiz emphasized the goal of continuing the digital transformation of the regional administration with the introduction and use of new technologies that facilitate the “full accessibility” of citizens to the services provided by the regional government.

To this end, he indicated that 83 million will be allocated to advance the digitization process and “bring public services closer to citizens, no matter where they live, and deliver more effective and personalized care.”

He explained that this amount will also serve to develop a Digital Learning Plan aimed at closing the digital divide, which will benefit about 32,000 people, and to continue the development of Council technology platforms, in some cases to improve them as “EducamosCLM” and in others, to implement them as a unified social or employment history platform.

Part of this 83 million will also be used to complete the Employee380 project, which aims to provide “state of the art” technology systems and equipment to government officials; make significant efforts in the field of cybersecurity and consolidate the use of cloud technologies as the main tool to offer more “fast and flexible” government services.

In terms of energy efficiency, Ruiz specified that the 20 million budgeted will go towards funding the rehabilitation and reform of a number of public buildings to improve their premises for administrative use and to promote the use of renewable energy as a main source of energy.

Among other goals, the head of the Treasury and Public Administration also pointed to the consolidation of public employment with strengthening templates, improving working conditions and pay, and strengthening training capacity, while noting that the budget includes salary increases for these employees and costs associated with staff selection processes. general management, which will take place in 2023 with a call for 2,300 posts.

The fourth goal, according to Ruiz, is to continue the “deep” renewal of the services provided by the Council under the national civil protection system, and to do this, it will increase the economic security of this point by 30%. so that goes from 11 to 14 million euros

This facility will allow the construction of a new building for the 112 Emergency Service, which will cost about 15 million euros, as well as a 28% increase in aid to provide equipment for the Civil Protection volunteer groups, thus strengthening their operational activities. According to his estimates, to increase the capacity and expand the training offer of the School for the Protection of Citizens and, above all, about 200 new police officers.

As an innovation, the Treasury and State Administration budget for 2023 will have 4.3 million to finance, together with the Ministry of the Interior, the holding of the next regional elections.

Ruiz expressed his “satisfaction” that he was able to process next year’s budget “on time and in good shape” because, in his opinion, this is “the best manifestation of the institutional stability that we enjoy in the region.”

On the parliamentary side, Ciudadanos (Cs) spokesman David Muñoz considered the tax cuts proposed by the budgets to be “stingy”, while casting doubt on some economic forecasts, such as the revenue cut that would be associated with higher interest rates. , although the company acknowledged that the debt is reduced from year to year.

For his part, the regional deputy of the PP Miguel Angel Rodriguez emphasized the low level of implementation of some budget items for 2022 or its non-execution, as in the case of the Regional Fund for Local Cooperation, despite the situation in which they go through numerous town halls, and he asked for control in regarding European funds, because “they do not reach the real economy of the region”, and some are not even executed.

However, the chairman of the Socialist group, Fernando Mora, reproached the “people’s” parliamentarian that the arguments are “always the same” and that he constantly “catastrophizes”, and, in addition, stated that this year he did not raise the tax, despite the fact that the “people” insist on it and that in 2023 it will also not be increased, but will be reduced. EFE

By Peter Kavinsky

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