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Pot, what f Kremlin in town announced As a result of the mobilization in the country, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Oygu said 300,000 reservists would join. According to Putin, these are Russians with military experience.

In particular, the attempt to create a new formation of many of these soldiers, which will probably not be ready for combat for a few months, commented the Russian mobilization of the British Ministry of Defense.

He also stated that the mobilization is likely to be very unpopular with much of the Russian population and that Putin is taking a known political risk in hopes of acquiring the necessary fighting power.

This move is actually a sign that Russia has exhausted the resources of volunteers willing to fight in Ukraine, the British believe.

Much like the values ​​of Moscow’s ISW move, the massive mobilization wall, according to its analysts, has eliminated many of the problems Russia faced during its weakening invasion of Ukraine, and which it is unlikely to be able to solve in the coming months.

The institute believes that mobilized soldiers will not produce any significant usable force for several months and thus deprive Ukraine of the opportunity to liberate another 100 occupied territories this winter.

He claims that the Russians are educated first and do not undergo further training after completing their compulsory military service.

ojgu talked about calling in reservists with combat experience, but according to ISW, very few Russian soldiers, other than those currently serving in Ukraine, have any combat experience. According to him, Ukraine and the West should not exaggerate or underestimate the Russian mobilization.

He said Putin has not verbally threatened to use nuclear weapons if Ukraine continues counter-offensive operations aimed at liberating the occupied territories after Russia’s annexation. Respectively, he did not change that the Russian nuclear war will also affect the annexed Ukrainian regions.

In his speech, he discussed the mobilization wall, the planned referendums in the Moscow-occupied Ukrainian countries on accession to Russia and the possibility of nuclear weapons. However, my institute usually treated them as separate subjects, not as a cohesive whole.

The fact that he turned all of these topics into one speech was clearly intended to indicate a connection, but he avoided making such a connection explicit, ISW noted.

Putin formulated his comments about the possibility of using Russian nuclear weapons in relation to current threats from the West. According to the institute, his speech should not be interpreted as a literal threat that Moscow will use nuclear weapons against Ukraine if Kiev continues its counter-offensive after Russia’s annexation of its country.

Missile attack on Zporo

Russian invasion forces carried out a rocket attack on Zporo in the morning, Ukraine’s Ukrinform agency reported citing Oleksandr Staruch, the regional news agency. According to him, some cities are without electricity, information about the missing items is signed.

Ukrainian General TB said in his regular morning briefing that Rusov is focusing his forces on efforts to fully occupy the Donetsk region, organize its defenses and strike to conquer the country.

In this way he tries to disrupt the active activity of the defense forces (of Ukraine) in some directions, in particular the commander of the Ukrainian army, according to whom the Russian invasion sent them to the Ukrainian positions along the front line and committed to regroup their units.

In the past 24 hours, the enemy has carried out eight missiles and 16 air strikes, firing 115 anti-aircraft missiles at Ukraine’s military and civilian objects, in violation of the standards of international humanitarian law, laws and customs of the Wolves leadership. infrastructure of about 40 municipalities, for example Marjinky in the Donck region.

He said enemy units were firing in other directions with tanks, mortars and anti-aircraft fire. In the Mykolaiv region, the occupiers seized trucks from local communities and used them to secretly deliver fuel to the villages, he says.


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