The most popular emoji in Canada is 😂

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With World Emoji Day coming up on July 17th, Crossword Solver has determined the most commonly used emojis in North America.

Canada’s most used emoji rightly defines our fun-loving and jolly attitude. 😂 is the most commonly used emoji in Canada and the U.S., whereas our neighbours further down south in Mexico, Cuba, Panama and more prefer to roll on the floor while laughing with the 🤣 emoji.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with folks over in Antigua and Barbuda, but they seem to be crying a lot, whereas Nicaraguans want nothing more than love, and use the 🧡 emoji most commonly. Mexicans, Costa Ricans, Salvadorians and people of the Dominican Republic are die-hard patriots, as they most commonly used their nation’s flag emoji.

Crossword Solver analyzed geotagged tweets from all nations around the world to come up with the results. In total, the team analyzed nine million geotagged tweets and the maximum number of tweets from the same account was limited to one per day to exclude bots.

Globally, the tears of joy emoji 😂 was the most common one, dominating 75 countries, whereas wordle-themed emojis (🟩🟨⬜) were a part of America’s top ten most-used emojis.

Read Crossword Solver’s full report to find more emoji trends around the globe here.

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Source: Crossword Solver

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