The National Council called on Eutelsat to stop rebroadcasting Russian TV channels

The Ukrainian media regulator sent a letter to Eutelsat CEO Evi Bernecke, urging the company to stop circumventing EU sanctions on the dissemination of Russian propaganda channels.

This is reported by the press service of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting FacebookUkrinform reports.

“The official monitoring of the National Council has found that the French operator Eutelsat SA hosts the Russian satellite TV platforms NTV + and Tricolor. Their programming service includes Russian TV channels, which are subject to sanctions from the European Union and individual countries, as well as orders from the French regulator Arcom to stop broadcasting It mainly concerns the TV channels Russia Today, Channel One, Rossiya 12, TVC, NTV, the department emphasizes.

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The National Council notes that if the NTV+ and Tricolor packages are rebroadcast, which “propagates war and enmity, as well as incitement to genocide against the Ukrainian people”, the agency will initiate the procedure for imposing sanctions on the company and blocking any of its activities on the territory of Ukraine, and in the future – on the European continent.

It is also noted that the letter from the Ukrainian media regulator was personally delivered to Bernecke by a representative of the Embassy of Ukraine in France at the 52nd meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Assembly of Parties – the decision-making body of the Intergovernmental Organization Eutelsat.

It was reported that the National Council signed a petition from the Denis Diderot committee to impose sanctions against two Russian pay-TV operators NTV+ and Trikolor, which broadcast via Eutelsat satellites.

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The Denis Diderot Committee was created in March 2022 as an informal network on the initiative of two satellite television experts. The organization is open to all citizens who want peace in Ukraine and a ban on war propaganda.

By Peter Kavinsky

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