The new director of the park České Švýcarsko will be Kříž from the PLA České středohoří | House


Kríž is appointed by the Minister of the Environment Marian Jurekka (KDU-ČSL) on Wednesday. At the same time, a short press conference will be held, in which Kříž will give his vision for the further direction of the national park.

Currently, Kříž, born in 1975 in Děčín, heads the regional office of the Agency for the Protection of Nature and Landscape of the Czech Republic – Administration of the PLA České středohoří. In previous years he also worked at the Labská pískovce PLA Administration.

A large forest fire broke out in Bohemian Switzerland at the end of July, affecting more than 1,000 hectares. Firefighters battled the flames in difficult-to-access areas for 20 days. The mayors of some municipalities in Czech Switzerland repeatedly complained about the lack of communication with the park administration even before the fire broke out. Benda leads the national park since July 2008, ended on Sept 30. Following his resignation, the MoE announced a tender to fill the vacant position.

“We hope for better communication with the municipalities from the new director and an improvement in the position of the municipalities in the park council,” said the mayor of Krásné Lípy, Jan Kolář (Association 2022). “In the case of Mr. Kříž, he is an experienced conservation worker, we think he will easily get into the issue of the national park,” he said. He added that the municipalities in Czech Switzerland are now working together to prevent fires.

Hřensko eagerly awaits the appointment of a new director of the national park and a new minister of the environment. “The appointment of a new director is essential and good news for us. Finally we will have an official partner with whom we can negotiate,” said Hřensk Mayor Zdeněk Pánek (Soutěsky-vec veřejná).

“We need to get together as soon as possible and formulate a strategy on how to proceed to repair the cracks. So far we are not at all clear when something will happen there,” said the mayor.

The village offers boat trips along the river Kamenice between the gorges. “Geologists are doing research there. We need to be regularly informed about what is going on so that we know when to send our people there to repair the wharf. We would really like to see the boats resume at the start of the new tourist season ‘ said the mayor.

České Švýcarsko National Park is the youngest national park in the Czech Republic, with an area of ​​approximately 79 square kilometers. The area consists of unique sandstone rock towns, ravines, gorges and intact or only slightly modified original ecosystems. The area is part of Czech-Saxon Switzerland, while on the German side it has been protected as Saxon Switzerland National Park for ten years longer.


By Peter Kavinsky

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