The ‘old’ and ‘new’ World is on the air

The ‘old’ and ‘new’ World is on the air

The employees of the newspaper, which published Dünya, one of Turkey’s well-established economy publications, announced that they would continue their publication life under the name of “How Bir Ekonomi” due to the naming rights dispute.

How Bir Ekonomi newspaper started its new publication life as of 21 November.

While Hakan Güldağ will continue as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vahap Munyar will be the General Coordinator, Osman Arolat will be the Editor-in-Chief, Rüştü Bozkurt will be the Consultant, and Şeref Oğuz will be the Editor-in-Chief.

In today’s article, Vahap Munyar, General Coordinator of the Economy, stated, “I left 44 years behind in the profession, but we rolled up our sleeves with excitement together with all our colleagues. Today we are here with our first issue… Be with us on this journey, let’s walk together with the understanding of “News is sacred, comment is free…” used.

Şeref Oğuz, Chairman of the Editorial Board, said, “Today, we are together again with the first publication of our new newspaper. We named it What Kind of Economy. Our website was also named Again, we will read what we know, do the best we can, and provide our readers with quality, accurate, up-to-date news. And we will continue to offer comments.”


Didem Demirkent, daughter of Nezih Demirkent, the owner of Dünya newspaper, rejected the definitions of “closure” and “transformation” in the newspaper’s article dated November 20, and wrote the following lines:

“I was shaken by the news of ‘DÜNYA Newspaper is Transforming, Changing its Name and Closing’, which started on November 15, 2022 and on November 18, 2022. I also learned about these news from my social media accounts, as well as from the print and internet publications of my own newspaper, which I rented the right to use. Life sometimes teaches the truth through bitter experiences.I am 64 years old today and life is raising me over and over again at this age…

Even though my feelings are mixed, I wanted to share the truth with you in order to fulfill the readers’ right to receive accurate news. We, as DÜNYA, do not transform, do not close, do not continue on our way with another name. As in the days we started, we will continue to do journalism with our economy publishing line that you always know and trust. We believe that DÜNYA Newspaper will continue to grow together with the Turkish Economy.”


Thus, Demirkent, who held the naming rights with a newspaper called “How Bir Ekonomi” due to the loss of the name rights of former Dünya employees, will continue to publish a new newspaper under the name ” Dünya” but directed by a different team.

By Peter Kavinsky

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