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My older brother Muhammad is a senior commander in the Free Syrian Army (FSA). He was injured in the course of the ISIS organization and lost both his legs, Syanka Ahlam Albarov told the interviewer, the agency said. Bianet, who quoted think Sabah. Albarov said she was arrested several years ago by the Syrian-Kurdish YPG militia, who considered her a pawn of the FSA.

After the assassination attempt in Istanbul, the Turkish government has blamed the PKK organization, which is considered a terrorist organization in both Ankara and the US. The Syrian-Kurdish YPG militia, which the Turkish government says cooperates with the PKK and only supplies them with weapons in northern Syria, is also responsible.

Both the YPG, which helped the international coalition to defeat Islamic State in the war with the US, and the PKK denied responsibility for the Istanbul attack. It was a terrorist movement that we condemn like everyone else when one of the leaders of the Kurdish United Democratic Party (PYD) in Syria, Slih Muslim, died last week.

He was now talking about the fact that the assassination attempt belonged to the FSA and not to the PKK. No one in our region knows the person responsible for the power. You don’t post on social media about your affiliation with groups like the FSA. There are pictures of Brigda Sultan Murad standing by the flags. She is not a Kurdka and has nothing to do with the autonomous government of Roava, he said Turkish minute.

Brigda sultna Murada is a Syrian opozin group formed around the Syrian-Turkmen identity and backed by the first Turkish regime.

The forced contraction continues

Related to Ankara’s response to the assassination attempt in Istanbul, some analysts recalled that the country expects presidential and parliamentary elections in seven months. And at a time when Turkey is facing massive inflation and other economic problems, the fight against terrorism should be the main concern for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Germans will score points with him in the polls.

Last weekend, the Turkish government strengthened the positions of Kurdish militias and the PKK in northern Syria and Ireland, the only country where the Kurds have an autonomous country with their own administration. In the north of Sri Lanka, the Turkish army has been operating since 2016 and, together with the local rebel movement FSA, has controlled part of the country in the areas where de facto Kurdish autonomy was established under the Obansk wolves.

Do not open the Damaek bag. In these regions, from which according to non-governmental organizations Turkish troops have expelled several hundred thousand Kurdish inhabitants, Ankara is building so-called safe havens. He wants to send a large number of Syrian refugees to them, of which 3.6 million are in Turkey.

In January, the Turkish Interior Ministry reported that 527,000 Syan had volunteered to secure the area in northern Syria. Human Rights Watch (HRW), a human rights organization, reported that month that Ankara had involuntarily and forcibly deported hundreds of Syrian migrants to Syria in six months.


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