The politician was supposed to liquidate Ukraine with a vodka bomb, he was fined 45 thousand | House


In November, he wrote on Facebook that Putin is a fighter and a disarmer of Ukrainians, and that Russia should drop a vodka bomb on Ukraine. The court in Bruntle fined him 45 thousand crowns.

Both Bruntl and the SPD distanced themselves from Makay and his words. The municipal politician, who did not run for municipal council in this year’s autumn elections, appealed. The verdict is final. Release is permitted only as an extraordinary remedy.

At the hearing, the judge stated that the judgment of the court was entirely correct. We agree with the judge. That’s why we decided to make zamnut, ekl. He added that the defendant is liable for the fine and the liability is also covered by the property damage.

At the Bruntle trial, Makay, even on appeal, defended his conviction by claiming that the fascists had attacked Ukraine and that the Ukrainian government should not kill the Russians. The representative shouted and claimed that his actions were directed solely against the Ukrainian fascists. “I don’t know if I belong to the first century,” said Makay.

Makay posted the comments for which he was convicted on his profile from Tanzania, where he was on a business trip.

Putin is just a fighter. I know he will be able to disarm the ukrofaists, Makay wrote on his Facebook profile. In another post, for example, he stated that as a former professional soldier he would also have suggested the use of vodka bombs.

He declared himself antifaist and anticommunist in court. I don’t understand why freedom of speech is restricted. It was all against fascism in Ukraine, nothing was against the Ukrainian people. I have a friend in Ukraine, I brought humanitarian aid there, he claimed in court. According to him, it is clear that they are fascists in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government will not intervene against them, let them kill the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, Makay said in court.


By Peter Kavinsky

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