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China’s anti-covid measures, which are currently the worst in the world, have sparked discontent across the country and affected the output of several manufacturers, including Taiwanese company Foxconn, Apple’s first supplier of iPhone.

According to Reuters, in connection with social media reports, people claiming to be female factory workers were seen in the town of Engou wresting weapons and fighting with women in protective clothing. Give them our salaries, they chanted during the riots.

Armed police in about twenty buses were drinking in the city. According to videos posted on social media, workers who wanted to leave the company were herded back to the factory. In several cases, they used boots and kicked female workers.

The incident came after some employees of a large industrial complex, which typically employs hundreds of thousands of people, left as city councils in the area declared a pandemic emergency in early November. They feared that they would have to spend a long quarantine in an industrial complex.

Cities across the border, including the capital Beijing and the financial center of Shanghai, have closed shopping malls and parks. So it introduced restrictions on the movement of people who came from elsewhere, as the infection broke the record since the start of the pandemic three years ago.

In the past 24 hours, it recorded 31,444 new cases of coronavirus infection among non-sweat imported cases, of which 3,927 were symptomatic and 25,517 asymptomatic. Fill it in with the official data, the Reuters agency wrote. The number of new cases broke the previous record set on April 13, when there were 29,317.

On the other hand, if you absorb the dream of the sweat contaminated by the prospects of the kind of the world’s largest economy and the depressor, he will find that in the near future he will seriously moderate his policies, even when he is sick.

Although it is unlikely that governments will decide to withdraw from zero-covid policies in the winter, there is a known risk that the strength will be limited, write analysts from the Capital Economics firm. This could lead to further closures that would trigger an unprecedented contraction in the economy, analysts added.


By Peter Kavinsky

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